Encyclopedia 2021 Outstanding Contributor Award—Winner Announced

10 Feb 2022

The editorial team of Encyclopedia (ISSN: 2673-8392) would like to congratulate the winner of the Encyclopedia 2021 Outstanding Contributor Award, Dr. Carmen Sofia Rocha Freire, for her outstanding contribution to the Encyclopedia community. 

Dr. Carmen Sofia Rocha Freire is a Principal Researcher (with Habilitation in Chemistry) at CICECOAveiro Institute of Materials (University of Aveiro) in the area of biorrefineries and bio-based materials. Her research interests concern the production and application of bio-based nanofibers (nanocellulose and protein fibrils); the use of novel biocomposites and hybrid bio-based materials for technological applications (packaging, separators for fuel cells, electronic devices, among others); the use of new bio-based materials for biomedical applications (wound healing and drug delivery); the use of bioinks for 3D bioprinting and new functional paper materials; the chemical modification of lignocellulosic materials (cellulose, wood, cork, etc.); and the isolation, characterization, and chemical transformation of bioactive components from biomass. 

Dr. Freire has inspired, supported, and guided many students and fellows. She and her research have greatly impacted this scientific area.