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    Encyclopedia Sciplayer

    Submitted at 20 Apr 2021

    Internet databases of videos have emerged as useful tools in life and science. Such resources support the search for information about science and facilitate the introduction of secondary analyses of large datasets for scholars. As such, Encyclopedia Sciplayer has come into being.

    Scholars can submit videos online, and files can be transferred directly to the Encyclopedia Editorial Office via Before submission, please ensure the author instructions below are followed:

    1. Video types include

    - A certain scientific research topic, an experimental/surgery operation record, or other interesting and worthwhile simulation videos;

    - A theory or social phenomenon;

    - An excellent teaching course or speech for reference.

    2. Acceptable video format

    - mp4 or a video link;

    - Maximum size: ≤ 500 M.

    3. Suggested duration

    3–10 min (no special limit for operation, simulation or teaching course videos).

    4. Subjects

    genesis and history, discovery, related concepts or principles, structure, synthesis, activities, applications, models, algorithms, dynamics, simulations, impact/effect, instruments, systems, theory, infrastructure, components, functions, practical issues, characterizations, detection, classifications, types, diversity, current status, development/evolution, new progress, milestones, leading figures or related people, future directions, mechanism, approaches, modes, restrictions/limitations, advantages and disadvantages, evaluation, differences, policy, measures/management, aims, causes, rules, distribution, location, features, treatment, symptoms, diagnosis, pathology, etc.

    5. How to upload

    (a) Original short videos can be uploaded directly via the video page. For long videos greater than 500 M, please divide the video into several parts and label each separate video in the correct order. Alternatively, record the video to another platform, such as YouTube, and introduce it here with the link directly.

    (b) For reproduced videos, it is also acceptable to insert a link with a paragraph introduction.

    6. Video check

    After video submission, the entry will not be shown online until approved by Editorial Office. The video content will be locked in order to protect your contributions.

    7. About copyright

    The author must confirm in the Copyright Transfer Agreement that they have received permission from each participant recorded on the submitted video to announce the video online.

    Thanks for your kind collaboration and support in advance. Encyclopedia will be your assistant during that period and provide you with all necessary support and guidance. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact