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Implant-supported restorations are a well-recognized esthetic and functional solution for partially edentulous patients [1][2]. In the interim phase of treatment, temporary restorations are required to restore gingival health [2][3], while providing esthetic and functional benefits to the patient [1]. Despite these advantages, the use of temporaries present a challenging situation [4]. With high potential for clinical failure [2][5][6] and a demand for optimal esthetics [7], considerable scientific interest has been focused on refining the components and processes for predictable implant temporaries [8].

Failure of implant-supported restorations may be directly related to the component design of implant temporaries [9]. Cho and colleagues [10] reported that many temporary prostheses applied external stressors that initiated soft-tissue inflammation and inhibited osseointegration. Poorly fitted removable partial dentures can induce undesired forces and resultant stresses in the healing cap and/or implant body [11]. These undesired stresses can eventually lead to failure of the implant-supported restorations [12]. Therefore, further research focused on temporary abutment designs that minimize these forces is required.

A novel abutment and process for temporization (U.S. Patent No. 12/668832) has been developed (Research Driven, Ontario, Canada) that addresses the functional, aesthetic, and financial requirements of temporary prosthesis and may be considered as an alternative option.

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