Hybrid Work Models in Post-Pandemic Australia
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  • Release Date: 05 Apr 2023
  • hybrid work models
  • flexible work arrangements
  • work–life balance
  • human resource management
  • health and wellbeing
  • hybrid work culture
  • future of work
  • telework
  • work from home
Video Introduction

This video is adapted from 10.3390/su15043086

Hybrid work models have rapidly become the most common work arrangement for many knowledge workers, affording them with improved work–life balance and greater levels of job satisfaction, but little research has been conducted to identify the different hybrid work models that are emerging, and the appropriate supports needed to drive sustainable improvement.

This video is part of a special issue focused on understanding Sustainable Human Resource Management, and utilizes data from a series of semi-structured interviews we conducted with senior Australian human resource managers, to identify a range of different approaches to hybrid work design, applying Conservation of Resources (COR) theory.

It discusses the development of a model researchers call – the 5 pillars for successful hybrid work – which highlights the 5 key areas organisations must focus on if they wish to nurture high performing hybrid teams of their own.

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