Training Entrepreneurial Competences with OpenInnovation
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  • Release Date: 2021-04-06
  • Higher Education
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  • Entrepreneurial competences
  • Theory of Planned Behaviour
  • Open Innovation
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Video Introduction

This video shows the effects of training entrepreneurial competences on employability in higher education. It identifies teaching methods that are more effective in order to improve entrepreneurial competences. These are Hackathon, Team building, Role play and Practical Cases with entrepreneurs at a Spanish university. In contrast to the methods shown in previous literature, a mixed-method is proposed. Firstly, a qualitative technique based on three focus groups with the participation of lecturers, students and entrepreneurs is used. Additionally, a regression analysis seeks links between entrepreneurial intention and employability with entrepreneurial competences with 329 students. The findings show the direct effect on skills appreciated in companies, using collaborative and practical activities focusing on competency perspective. This research work provides a new approach to training entrepreneurial competences that demonstrates the main role of Open Innovation enhancing the main stakeholders’ motivation and improving their skills. Useful information is provided to design the academic syllabuses and improve the level of employability of university graduates.

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