P2P Accommodation in Time of COVID-19
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  • Release Date: 2022-10-17
  • customer satisfaction
  • P2P accommodation market
  • exploratory factor analysis
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This video is adapted from 10.3390/su141710734

As the P2P (peer to peer) accommodation market is expanding, there is a growing interest in the factors affecting customer satisfaction. The previous literature largely concentrates on Airbnb users and tends to use online questionnaires as research data. To address this gap, we analyse the key attributes affecting customer satisfaction in the P2P accommodation market in 2020, the first year of pandemic, based on onsite research. This will allow the authors to examine the key determinants of customer satisfaction across many platforms. Based on previous research, a conceptual model was developed and two dimensions of service quality were created: host service quality and facility service quality. An offline primary survey was conducted and the model was tested using exploratory factor analysis, correlation analysis, and regression analysis. The empirical results show a strong relationship between host service quality and facility service quality, and overall customer satisfaction. This study provides clear theoretical insights to advance our knowledge about the determinants of customer satisfaction. Our results are in line with previous research, despite the survey being conducted during the first year of the pandemic and with the use of offline questionnaires. Furthermore, this study offers practical implications for both peer-to-peer and institutional market actors.

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