• Quadrotor and Autonomous Surface Vehicles Control
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  • Release time: 2022-03-23
  • quadrotor control
  • autonomous surface vehicle control
  • cooperative path following
Video Introduction

This video addresses the problem of formation control of a quadrotor and one (or more) marine vehicles operating at the surface of the water with the end goal of encircling the boundary of a chemical spill, enabling such vehicles to carry and release chemical dispersants used during ocean cleanup missions to break up oil molecules. Firstly, the mathematical models of the Medusa class of marine robots and quadrotor aircrafts are introduced, followed by the design of single vehicle motion controllers that allow these vehicles to follow a parameterised path individually using Lyapunov-based techniques. At a second stage, a distributed controller using event-triggered communications is introduced, enabling the vehicles to perform cooperative path following missions according to a pre-defined geometric formation. In the next step, a real-time path planning algorithm is developed that makes use of a camera sensor, installed on-board the quadrotor. Both simulated and real results are presented.

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