Blockchain in The Smart Grid
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  • Release Date: 2022-02-21
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Electricity generation, distribution, transmission, and consumption face continuous challenges such as managing, controlling and operating a smart grid due to high energy demand, diversity of energy sources, and environmental or regulatory issues. Based on a systematic review of existing work on the deployment and implementation of blockchain technology in various smart grid areas, the challenges in managing, controlling, and operating a blockchain-based smart grid and future research directions are highlighted in the following five categories: Collaboration among stakeholders, data analytics and data management, control of grid imbalances, decentralization of grid management and operation, and security and privacy. Existing technologies leverage different blockchain architectures for different application scenarios, demonstrating that the technology can be used to support smart grid infrastructure management and operations. However, the actual implementation of the technology for grid management, control, and operations is still sporadic and localized. There is a lack of systematic technologies for smart grid management, control, and operation. This requires deconstruction of the existing network management, control and operation, and systematic planning, design, and development of the corresponding blockchain application system by combining the technical advantages of blockchain. Since it is difficult to update the architecture of the Blockchain system and the online storage of data is very long-lived, a very clear understanding of the structure, business, and technical management of the existing power grid is required. Detailed prior knowledge of the future business and commercial expansion of the smart grid, as well as a relatively clear prediction of system technology and business trends, are essential factors in designing and developing a highly reliable, scalable, durable, and open Blockchain system. 


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