Operation of a Pulsed Detonation Gun
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  • Release Date: 2022-01-29
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Video Introduction

This video is adapted from 10.3390/fuels2040033

This video demonstrates the operation of a pulsed detonation gun producing ultra-superheated steam (USS) by pulsed gaseous detonations of a triple methane-oxygen-steam mixture at a frequency of about 1 Hz. The digits in the bottom left corner show the steam temperature (in °C) calculated based on the measured detonation velocity in each pulse with regard for expansion of detonation products to embient pressure. The temperature of the outcoming USS jets is seen to exceed 2000 °C. Such a steam diluted mainly with CO2 with H2O:CO2 ~ 4:1 is used for allothermal atmospheric-pressure gasification of organic wastes to produce high-quality syngas with full utilization of available resources without harmful emissions into water bodies and atmosphere . The corresponding gasification plant (composed of USS guns attached to a flow-through gasifier) utilizes water, oxygen, and partly (about 20%) syngas produced from waste gasification and exhibits a positive energy balance, as electrical energy consumption for pulsed detonation ignition is negligible. Such a plant can be readily scaled-up from small to large scale by applying multiple USS guns of the same power or guns of high power, keeping in mind that detonation phenomenon can be readily scaled up.

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