Neurodegeneration in Cognitive Impairment and Mood Disorders
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Neurodegeneration poses a significant challenge for the fields of neuroscience and medicine, as it is the underlying cause of the development and advancement of numerous neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders [1][2][3]. It encompasses the progressive decay and loss of neurons across various levels of organization, ranging from molecular to network levels [4][5][6][7]. Onset can manifest at various life stages, ranging from early phases, as observed in neurodevelopmental disorders, to later stages, exemplified by conditions like Alzheimer’s disease (AD) [8][9][10]. Neurodegeneration has the potential to impact cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functions, as well as the neural mechanisms associated with consciousness and attention [11][12][13]. Hence, comprehending the mechanisms and repercussions of neurodegeneration is imperative in order to identify risk factors, biomarkers, and therapeutic targets [14][15][16]. Nevertheless, the existing therapies for neurodegenerative disorders primarily address alleviate symptoms but are largely inadequate in terms of efficacy. Hence, there is a requirement for new and inventive methods, such as non-invasive brain stimulation, that can regulate neural activity and plasticity in a secure and reversible manner [17][18][19][20][21]. The field is rapidly evolving, with a focus on identifying new avenues of clinical research, elucidating potential mechanisms for the therapeutic effects of non-invasive brain stimulation (NIBS) and exploring the potential synergy between different stimulation protocols and pharmacological interventions [22][23][24][25][26][27].

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