Black Rhinoceros: History
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Subjects: Zoology

Black rhinoceros under human care are predisposed to Iron Overload Disorder
that is unlike the hereditary condition seen in humans. We aim to address the black rhino caretaker
community at multiple perspectives (keeper, curator, veterinarian, nutritionist, veterinary technician,
and researcher) to describe approaches to Iron Overload Disorder in black rhinos and share learnings.
This report includes sections on (1) background on how iron functions in comparative species and
how Iron Overload Disorder appears to work in black rhinos, (2) practical recommendations for
known diagnostics, (3) a brief review of current investigations on inflammatory and other potential
biomarkers, (4) nutrition knowledge and advice as prevention, and (5) an overview of treatment
options including information on chelation and details on performing large volume voluntary
phlebotomy. The aim is to use evidence to support the successful management of this disorder to
ensure optimal animal health, welfare, and longevity for a sustainable black rhinoceros population.

  • chelation
  • ferritin
  • hemochromatosis
  • hemosiderosis
  • oxidative stress
  • phlebotomy
  • transferrin saturation
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