Fernando Holiday: History
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Basic Information

Fernando Holiday
Name: Fernando Holiday
(Sep 1996–)
São Paulo, SP, Brazil
Title: Politician
Affiliation: Unknown
Honor: Unknown

1. Introduction

Fernando Silva Bispo, better known as Fernando Holiday (September 22, 1996) is a Brazilian politician affiliated with Democratas (DEM) and councilor of the city of São Paulo.[1] He was elected with 48,055 votes in the 2016 elections,[2] and became the first openly gay councilor.[3]

He is the national coordinator of the Free Brazil Movement (MBL) and a law student.[4][5] Holiday became known for convening protests against the Dilma Rousseff government.[6]

2. Political Career

At the age of 20, Holiday was elected the youngest councilor in the history of São Paulo, with 48,055 votes.[7]

When he ran for councilman, Holiday was supported by Senator Ronaldo Caiado (DEM-GO), noting that "Holiday has the capacity to represent Brazilians who hope to see renewed policy in it.[clarification needed] The real interest in seeing the diminution of the privileges that are granted to politicians, as for example the high salaries and heavy benefits sustained by the voters, will be diminished, as Holiday already promised.[8]

3. Political Positions

In his first term as councilman, he undertook to donate 20 percent of his salary.[9] Holiday also signed a term whereby he will agree to waive 50 percent of the current budget of the office, waive the use of the official car and driver and waive 50 percent of the money for operating expenses, going according to the popular demands of that austerity should be for everyone at a time of economic crisis.[10]0

Holiday is opposed to the withdrawal of rights of blacks and LGBTs: "They should not have less rights, but should not have more rights."[11] Holiday is against the policy of racial quotas in Brazil,[12] considering that they encourage racism. "One of my proposals, not the main one, but one that I intend to propose over the next year, is the repeal of racial quotas in municipal public tenders. encouraging racism ... I believe it is a measure harmful to the state of São Paulo and harmful, even for the blacks themselves, "said Holiday.[13]

Holiday (sitting, left), Kim Kataguiri (sitting, on the phone) and Joice Hasselmann (right, in white) on 29 August 2016 in Federal Senate, following one of the votes of Impeachment of Dilma Rousseff. https://handwiki.org/wiki/index.php?curid=1350716

In an interview with Brazil-Post, he said he was against invasions in schools.[clarification needed] "Studying is a guaranteed right and it is not half a dozen students who do not even know what they are protesting against." Regarding PEC 241, he is in favor of the proposal and also in favor of the measure and of the social security and labor reforms defended by President Michel Temer. In this same interview, Holiday said that he will combat the victimhood, and said to be in favor of the 10 Measures against corruption, a bill of authorship of the Federal Public Ministry.[13]

It has a liberal[14] political position, and that all should be equal before the law, as the Brazilian Constitution says[13] even if it admits to being a new figure of Brazilian Conservatism.[15]

In December 2016 his public position was opposed to the increase of the salaries of the councilors of São Paulo, approved on December 20 by the own ones, a readjustment of 26.3%, in the middle of financial crisis.[16] On December 25, Judge Alberto Alonso Munoz through an preliminary injunction suspended the salary increase on the grounds that it violates the Fiscal Responsibility Law.[16] The preliminary injunction was a popular action.[17] In 2016, he gave an interview to the Brazil Parallel Congress, a group that in his documentaries, among others, explained Dilma Rousseff's impeachment.[18]

4. Controversies

In 2018, politician Ciro Gomes called Fernando Holiday a "capitão do mato" (captain of the bush). In an interview with Rádio Jovem Pan, while presenting his political proposals, Ciro, without being asked about Fernando Holiday, said:

Holiday said on video that he wants to sue him.[20][21][22] On July 12, 2018, a police investigation was opened to investigate the nature of the allegations.[23] In 2019, Gomes was convicted and ordered to pay R$38,000 in moral damages.[24]

5. Personal Life

Holiday is a Roman Catholic[25] convert from Evangelical Protestantism and due to his religious faith he abstains himself from relationships, because he is gay.[26][27] Holiday is against the practice of abortion and proposed a law to restrict it.[28]

5.1. Murder Attempt

On December 26, 2018 there was a session in the City Hall of São Paulo which culminated in the approval of a social security reform in the city, which was marked by riots of protesters against reform and Holiday being the rapporteur of this project. Moments after approval, Holiday stated that he suffered an attempted murder while in his alderman's office.[29] On this day Holiday posted a photo on his Twitter account which showed a hole supposedly caused by a gunshot.[30] The Civil Police investigated the case.[31]

The content is sourced from: https://handwiki.org/wiki/Biography:Fernando_Holiday

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