List of Minerals Approved by IMA (P–Q): History
Please note this is an old version of this entry, which may differ significantly from the current revision.

This list includes those recognised minerals beginning with the letters P and Q. The International Mineralogical Association is the international group that recognises new minerals and new mineral names, however minerals discovered before 1959 did not go through the official naming procedure, although some minerals published previously have been either confirmed or discredited since that date. This list contains a mixture of mineral names that have been approved since 1959 and those mineral names believed to still refer to valid mineral species (these are called "grandfathered" species). The list is divided into groups: The data was exported from on 29 April 2005; updated up to 'IMA2018'. The minerals are sorted by name, followed by the structural group ( and ima-cnmnc by, mainly) or chemical class ( and basics), the year of publication (if it's before of an IMA approval procedure), the IMA approval and the Nickel–Strunz code. The first link is to, the second link is to, and the third is to the Handbook of Mineralogy (Mineralogical Society of America).

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1. P

1.1. Pa

Papagoite in quartz, Messina mine, Musina, South Africa, size 7 x 4.2 x 4.1 cm.
Paratacamite on rhyolite, San Francisco Mine, Tocopilla Province, Chile, size: 10.2 x 5.0 x 3.1 cm.
Paravauxite, Siglo Veinte Mine, Llallagua, Rafael Bustillo Province, Potosí Department, Bolivia.
Pargasite on marble, Gilgit District, Pakistan. Large crystal is about 2 x 2 cm.
Pectolite from Paterson, Passaic County, New Jersey, USA
Penfieldite from Sierra Gorda District, Tocopilla Province, Antofagasta Region, Chile
Pentagonite, Wagholi, Pune District, India. Christmas tree-shaped cluster is 1.7 cm long.
Phosphophyllite crystal perched in a protected matrix cavity
Phosphophyllite, Unificada Mine, Cerro de Potosí, Potosí City, Potosí Department, Bolivia
Arsenical picropharmacolite, from Salsigne mine, Languedoc-Roussillon, France 5.5 x 4.0 x 1.8 cm
Pinnoite, Inder B deposit and salt dome, Atyrau Oblysy, Kazakhstan
Plagioclase, var. "moonstone", Pili Mine, Sonora, Mexico 6.1 x 4 x 2 cm
Plagionite, a rare lead-antimony-sulfide. San José Mine, Oruro Department, Bolivia - size: 3.3 x 3.0 x 1.7 cm
Plancheite, Kambove West Mine, Kambove, Katanga (Shaba), Democratic Republic of Congo, 10.9 x 7.2 x 6.9 cm
Platinum, cubic crystals, Talnakh Cu-Ni Deposit, Noril'sk, Putoran Plateau, Taimyr Peninsula, Russia - 0.8 x 0.7 x 0.5 cm
Teal-blue plumbogummite, Yangshuo Mine, Yangshuo County, China - size: 8.9 x 6.9 x 2.8 cm
Poldervaartite, N'Chwaning Mines, Kuruman, South Africa - detail; overall size 9 x 5 x 4 cm
Polybasite, San Genaro Mine, Castrovirreyna Province, Peru - size: 2.3 x 1.6 x 1.0 cm
Clear polylithionite on pink serandite, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada - 6.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 cm
A fine powellite in an unusual green color, from Nasik District, Maharashtra, India - size: 3.3 x 3.3 x 2.5 cm
Prehnite in an unusual red-orange color, N'Chwaning Mines, Kuruman, South Africa - 3.5 x 2.6 x 2.5 cm
Prehnite pseudomorphs after laumontite, from Malad, Mumbai , India - size: 14.7 × 9.5 × 4.8 cm
Proustite from Chañarcillo, Copiapó Province, Atacama Region, Chile
Proustite from the Schneeberg District, Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany - 2.7 x 1.2 x 1.2 cm
Two pseudoboleite crystals from the Amelia Mine, El Boleo, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Larger crystal is about 7 mm.
Pseudomalachite on ouartz, unusual specimen from Old Gunnislake Mine, Cornwall, England - 6.2 x 4.6 x 2.1 cm
Psilomelane stalactites, Bisbee, Cochise County, Arizona, US. - size: 3.2 x 0.6 x 0.6 cm (largest)
Purpurite, a very rare phosphate of manganese, from Sandamab pegmatite, Usakos, Erongo Region, Namibia - size: 5.4 x 4.6 x 1.9 cm
Pyrargyrite, classic "ruby silver" from Zacatecas, Mexico - size: 2.0 x 1.7 x 1.2 cm
Pyrite from the Sweet Home Mine, with mirror-bright, golden striated cubes intergrown with minor tetrahedrite, on a bed of transparent quartz needles
Pyrite, Rico District, Dolores County, Colorado, US - size: 6.1 x 4.9 x 4 cm
Radiating form of pyrite
Pyrolusite, Las Cruces, Doña Ana County, New Mexico, US, detail, overall size 9.2 x 4.6 x 2.1 cm
Pyromorphite from Daoping Mine, Guilin Prefecture, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China
Pyrrhotite on quartz
  1. Pääkkönenite (stibnite: IMA1980-063) 2.DB.05
    (IUPAC: diantimony arsenic disulfide)
  2. Paarite (meneghinite: IMA2001-016) 2.HB.05a
  3. Pabstite (benitoite: IMA1964-022) 9.CA.05
    (IUPAC: barium tin nonaoxotrisilicate)
  4. Paceite (IMA2001-030) 10.AA.30
    (IUPAC: calcium copper diacetate hexahydrate)
  5. Pachnolite (Y: 1863) 3.CB.40
    (IUPAC: sodium calcium alumino hexafluoride monohydrate)
  6. Packratite (polyoxometalate: IMA2014-059) 4.0
  7. Paddlewheelite (IMA2017-098) 5.0
  8. Paděraite (cuprobismutite: IMA1983-091) 2.JA.10e
  9. Padmaite (IMA1990-048) 2.EB.25
    (IUPAC: lead bismuth selenide)
  10. Paganoite (IMA1999-043) 8.BH.50
    (IUPAC: nickel bismuth(III) oxoarsenate)
  11. Pahasapaite (beryllophosphate zeolite: IMA1983-060b) 8.CA.25
  12. Painite (Y: 1957) 6.AB.85
  13. Pakhomovskyite (IMA2004-021) 8.CE.40
    (IUPAC: tricobalt diphosphate octahydrate)
  14. Palarstanide (stillwaterite: IMA1976-058) 2.AC.20b
    (IUPAC: pentapalladium di(stannide,arsenide))
  15. Palenzonaite (garnet: IMA1986-011) 8.AC.25
    (IUPAC: (sodium dicalcium) dimanganese(II) trivanadate)
  16. Palermoite (carminite: 1953) 8.BH.25
    (IUPAC: dilithium strontium tetraluminium tetrahydro tetraphosphate)
  17. PalladiniteQ (Y: 1837) 4.AB.30
    (IUPAC: palladium oxide)
  18. Palladium (element: 1803) 1.AF.10
  19. Palladoarsenide (IMA1973-005) 2.AC.25a
    (IUPAC: dipalladium arsenide)
  20. Palladobismutharsenide (IMA1975-017) 2.AC.25f
    (IUPAC: dipalladium (arsenide,bismuthide))
  21. Palladodymite (IMA1997-028) 2.AC.25c
    (IUPAC: dipalladium arsenide)
  22. Palladogermanide (barringerite: IMA2016-086) 1.BB.
    (IUPAC: dipalladium germanide)
  23. Palladosilicide (barringerite: IMA2014-080) 1.BB.
    (IUPAC: dipalladium silicide)
  24. Palladseite (IMA1975-026) 2.BC.05
    (IUPAC: heptadecapalladium pentadecaselenide)
  25. Palmierite (palmierite: 1907) 7.AD.40
    (IUPAC: dipotassium lead disulfate)
  26. Palygorskite (palygorskite: 1862) 9.EE.20
  27. Pampaloite (IMA2017-096) 2.
    (IUPAC: gold antimonide telluride)
  28. Panasqueiraite (titanite: IMA1978-063) 8.BH.10
    (IUPAC: calcium magnesium hydro phosphate)
  29. Pandoraite 8.0
    1. Pandoraite-Ba (IMA2018-024) 8.0
    2. Pandoraite-Ca (IMA2018-036) 8.0
  30. Panethite (IMA1966-035) 8.AC.65
  31. Panguite (IMA2010-057) 4.0
  32. Panichiite (IMA2008-005) 3.0
    (IUPAC: diammonium tin hexachloride)
  33. Pansnerite (IMA2016-103) 8.0
    (IUPAC: tripotassium trisodium hexa(iron(III),alumino) octaarsenate)
  34. Panunzite (feldspathoid, nepheline: IMA1978-050) 9.FA.05
    (IUPAC: tripotassium sodium tetra(aluminotetraoxosilicate))
  35. Paolovite (tin alloy: IMA1972-025) 1.AG.20
    (IUPAC: dipalladium stannide)
  36. Papagoite (IMA1962 s.p.) 9.CE.05
    (IUPAC: calcium copper aluminium hexaoxodisilicate trihydroxyl)
  37. Paqueite (IMA2013-053) 9.B?.
  38. Para-alumohydrocalcite (alumohydrocalcite: IMA1976-027) 5.DB.05
    (IUPAC: calcium dialuminium tetrahydro dicarbonate hexahydrate)
  39. Paraberzeliite (alluaudite: IMA2018-001) 8.0
  40. Parabrandtite (fairfieldite: IMA1986-009) 8.CG.05
    (IUPAC: dicalcium manganese(II) diarsenate dihydrate)
  41. Parabutlerite (Y: 1938) 7.DC.10
    (IUPAC: iron(III) hydro sulfate dihydrate)
  42. Paracelsian (mineral) (danburite: 1905) 9.FA.40
  43. Paracoquimbite (Y: 1933) 7.CB.55
    (IUPAC: diiron(III) trisulfate nonahydrate)
  44. Paracostibite (löllingite: IMA1969-023) 2.EB.10e
    (IUPAC: cobalt antimonide sulfide)
  45. Paradamite (Y: 1956) 8.BB.35
    (IUPAC: dizinc hydro arsenate)
  46. Paradocrasite (semi-metal alloy: IMA1969-011) 1.CA.15
    (IUPAC: diantimony di(antimony,arsenic) alloy)
  47. Parádsasvárite (malachite: IMA2012-077) 5.BA.
    (IUPAC: dizinc dihydro carbonate)
  48. Paraershovite (IMA2009-025) 9.DF.15
  49. Parafiniukite (apatite: IMA2018-047) 8.0
    (IUPAC: dicalcium trimanganese chloro triphosphate)
  50. Parafransoletite (IMA1989-049) 8.CA.05
    (IUPAC: tricalcium diberyllium diphosphate dihydroxophosphate tetrahydrate)
  51. Parageorgbokiite (selenite: IMA2006-001) 4.JG.05
    (IUPAC: pentacopper dichloro dioxodiselenite)
  52. Paragonite (mica: IMA1998 s.p., 1843) 9.EC.15
    (IUPAC: sodium dialuminium (aluminotrisilicate) decaoxy dihydroxyl)
  53. Paraguanajuatite (tetradymite: 1949) 2.DC.05
    (IUPAC: dibismuth triselenide)
  54. Parahopeite (Y: 1908) 8.CA.70
    (IUPAC: trizinc diphosphate tetrahydrate)
  55. Parakeldyshite (IMA1975-035) 9.BC.10
    (IUPAC: disodium zirconium heptaoxodisilicate)
  56. Parakuzmenkoite-Fe (labuntsovite: IMA2001-007) 9.CE.30g
  57. Paralabuntsovite-Mg (labuntsovite: IMA2000-A) 9.CE.30f
  58. Paralaurionite (Y: 1899) 3.DC.05
    (IUPAC: lead hydro chloride)
  59. Paralstonite (IMA1979-015) 5.AB.40
    (IUPAC: barium calcium dicarbonate)
  60. Paramelaconite (Y: 1891) 4.AA.15
    (IUPAC: dicopper(I) dicopper(II) trioxide)
  61. Paramendozavilite (heteropolymolybdate: IMA1982-010) 7.GB.45
  62. Paramontroseite (ramsdellite: 1955) 4.DB.15a
    (IUPAC: vanadium dioxide)
  63. Paranatisite (IMA1990-016) 9.AG.40b
    (IUPAC: disodium titanium oxo(tetraoxosilicate))
  64. Paranatrolite (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA1978-017) 9.GA.05
  65. Paraniite-(Y) (IMA1992-018) 7.GA.15
  66. Paraotwayite (IMA1984-045a) 7.BB.45
  67. Parapierrotite (IMA1974-059) 2.HC.05f
    (IUPAC: thallium octasulfa pentantimonide)
  68. Pararaisaite (IMA2017-110) 7.0
  69. Pararammelsbergite (löllingite: 1940) 2.EB.10e
    (IUPAC: nickel diarsenide)
  70. Pararealgar (IMA1980-034) 2.FA.15b
    (IUPAC: tetrarsenic tetrasulfide)
  71. Pararobertsite (IMA1987-039) 8.DH.30
    (IUPAC: dicalcium trimanganese(III) dioxotriphosphate trihydrate)
  72. Pararsenolamprite (element: IMA1999-047) 1.CA.10
    (IUPAC: arsenic)
  73. Parascandolaite (perovskite: IMA2013-092) 3.0
    (IUPAC: potassium magnesium trifluoride)
  74. Paraschachnerite (amalgam: IMA1971-056) 1.AD.15a
    (IUPAC: trisilver dimercury amalgam)
  75. ParaschoepiteQ (Y: 1947) 4.GA.05
    Note: probably a mixture (metaschoepite, paulscherrerite and ianthinite).
  76. Parascholzite (IMA1980-056) 8.CA.45
    (IUPAC: calcium dizinc diphosphate dihydrate)
  77. Parascorodite (IMA1996-061) 8.CD.15
    (IUPAC: iron(III) arsenate dihydrate)
  78. Parasibirskite (IMA1996-051) 6.BC.20
    (IUPAC: dicalcium pentaoxodiborate monohydrate)
  79. Parasterryite (madocite: IMA2010-033) 2.HC.40
  80. Parasymplesite (vivianite: 1954) 8.CE.40
    (IUPAC: triiron(II) diarsenate octahydrate)
  81. Paratacamite (atacamite) 3.DA.10c
    1. Paratacamite (1906) 3.DA.10c
      (IUPAC: tricopper(II) (copper,zinc) hexahydro dichloride)
    2. Paratacamite-(Mg) (IMA2013-014) 3.DA.10c
      (IUPAC: tricopper (magnesium,copper) hexahydro dichloride)
    3. Paratacamite-(Ni) (IMA2013-013) 3.DA.10c
      (IUPAC: tricopper (nickel,copper) hexahydro dichloride)
  82. Paratellurite (rutile: IMA1962 s.p.) 4.DE.25
    (IUPAC: tellurium dioxide)
  83. Paratimroseite (tellurium oxysalt: IMA2009-065) 4.0
    (IUPAC: dilead tetracopper di(tellurium hexaoxide) diwater)
  84. Paratooite-(La) (IMA2005-020) 5.AD.20
    (IUPAC: hexa(lanthanum,calcium,sodium,strontium) copper octacarbonate)
  85. Paratsepinite (labuntsovite) 9.CE.30b
    1. Paratsepinite-Ba (IMA2002-006) 9.CE.30b
    2. Paratsepinite-Na (IMA2003-008) 9.CE.30b
  86. Paraumbite (IMA1982-007) 9.DG.25
    (IUPAC: tripotassium dizirconum hydrogen di(nonaoxotrisilicate) trihydrate)
  87. Paravauxite (laueite, laueite: 1922) 8.DC.30
    (IUPAC: iron(II) dialuminium dihydro diphosphate octahydrate)
  88. Paravinogradovite (IMA2002-033) 9.DB.25
  89. Parawulffite (IMA2013-036) 7.0
    (IUPAC: pentapotassium trisodium octacopper tetraoxo octasulfate)
  90. Pargasite [Ca-amphibole: IMA2012 s.p., IMA1997 s.p., 1815] 9.DE.15
  91. Parisite 5.BD.20b
    (IUPAC: calcium di(REE) difluoro tricarbonate)
    1. Parisite-(Ce) (IMA1987 s.p., 1845) 5.BD.20b
    2. Parisite-(La) (IMA2016-031) 5.BD.20b
    3. Parisite-(Nd)N (Y: 1988) 5.BD.20b
  92. Parkerite (Y: 1937) 2.BE.20
  93. Parkinsonite (asisite: IMA1991-030) 3.DB.40
    (IUPAC: heptalead molybdenum nonaoxide dichloride)
  94. Parnauite (IMA1978-014) 8.DF.35
    (IUPAC: nonacopper decahydro diarsenate sulfate heptahydrate)
  95. Parsettensite (stilpnomelane: 1923) 9.EG.40
  96. Parsonsite (Y: 1923) 8.EA.10
    (IUPAC: dilead uranyl diphosphate)
  97. Parthéite (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA1978-026) 9.GB.35
  98. Parwanite (IMA1986-036a) 8.DO.40
  99. Parwelite (IMA1966-023) 8.BD.15
  100. Pašavaite (IMA2007-059) 2.BE.30
    (IUPAC: tripalladium dilead ditelluride)
  101. Pascoite (pascoite: 1914) 4.HC.05
  102. Paseroite (crichtonite: IMA2011-069) 4.0
  103. Patrónite (IMA2007 s.p., 1906) 2.EC.10
    (IUPAC: vanadium tetrasulfide)
  104. Pattersonite (IMA2005-049) 8.BL.25
    (IUPAC: lead triiron pentahydro diphosphate monohydrate)
  105. Patynite (IMA2019-018) 9.0
  106. Pauflerite (IMA2005-004) 7.BB.55
    (IUPAC: vanadium oxosulfate)
  107. Pauladamsite (IMA2015-005) 7.0
    (IUPAC: tetracopper tetrahydro selenite sulfate dihydrate)
  108. Paulingite (zeolitic tectosilicate) 9.GC.35
    1. Paulingite-Ca (IMA1997 s.p., 1997) 9.GC.35
    2. Paulingite-K (IMA1997 s.p., 1960) 9.GC.35
  109. Paulkellerite (IMA1987-031) 8.BM.10
    (IUPAC: dibismuth(III) iron(III) dihydro dioxophosphate)
  110. Paulkerrite (IMA1983-014) 8.DH.35
    (IUPAC: potassium dimagnesium titanium diiron(III) trihydro tetraphosphate pentadecahydrate)
  111. Paulmooreite (IMA1978-004) 4.JA.50
    (IUPAC: dilead diarsenic(III) pentaoxide)
  112. Pauloabibite (corundum: IMA2012-090) 4.0
    (IUPAC: sodium niobium trioxide)
  113. Paulscherrerite (IMA2008-022) 4.GA.20
    (IUPAC: uranyl dihydroxide)
  114. Pautovite (cubanite: IMA2004-005) 2.FB.20
    (IUPAC: caesium diiron trisulfide)
  115. Pavlovskyite (IMA2010-063) 9.B?.
    (IUPAC: octacalcium di(tetraoxosilicate) decaoxotrisilicate)
  116. Pavonite (pavonite: 1954) 2.JA.05a
    (IUPAC: silver tribismuth pentasulfide)
  117. Paxite (arsenopyrite: IMA1967 s.p., 1961) 2.EB.15c
    (IUPAC: copper diarsenide)

1.2. Pe – Ph

  1. Pearceite (polybasite: IMA2006 s.p., 1833 Rd) 2.GB.15
  2. Peatite-(Y) (IMA2009-020) 8.0
  3. Pecoraite (serpentine: IMA1969-005) 9.ED.15
  4. Pectolite (pectolite: 1828) 9.DG.05
  5. Peisleyite (IMA1981-053) 8.DO.15
  6. Pekoite (meneghinite: IMA1975-014) 2.HB.05a
  7. Pekovite (danburite: IMA2003-035) 9.FA.65
    (IUPAC: strontium octaoxodiborodisilicate)
  8. Péligotite (IMA2015-088) 7.0
    (IUPAC: hexasodium uranyl tetrasulfate tetrawater)
  9. Pellouxite (IMA2001-033) 2.JB.35d
  10. Pellyite (IMA1970-035) 9.DO.10
  11. Penberthycroftite (IMA2015-025) 8.0
    (IUPAC: [hexaluminium nonahydro triarsenate pentawater] octahydrate)
  12. Penfieldite (Y: 1892) 3.DC.15
    (IUPAC: dilead hydro trichloride)
  13. Penikisite (bjarebyite: IMA1976-023) 8.BH.20
    (IUPAC: barium dimagnesium dialuminium trihydro triphosphate)
  14. Penkvilksite (IMA1973-016) 9.EA.60
    (IUPAC: disodium undecaoxotitanotetrasilicate dihydrate)
  15. Pennantite (chlorite: 1946) 9.EC.55
  16. Penobsquisite (IMA1995-014) 6.GB.10
  17. Penroseite (pyrite: 1926) 2.EB.05a
    (IUPAC: (nickel,cobalt,copper) diselenide)
  18. Pentagonite (IMA1971-039) 9.EA.55
  19. Pentahydrite (chalcanthite: 1951) 7.CB.20
    (IUPAC: magnesium sulfate pentahydrate)
  20. Pentahydroborite (IMA1967 s.p., 1961) 6.BB.10
    (IUPAC: calcium hexahydro oxodiborate dihydrate)
  21. Pentlandite (pentlandite: 1856) 2.BB.15
    (IUPAC: nona(nickel,iron) octasulfide)
  22. Penzhinite (IMA1982-027) 2.BA.75
    (IUPAC: tetra(silver,copper) gold tetra(sulfide,selenide))
  23. Peprossiite-(Ce) (IMA1990-002 Rd) 6.CA.45
  24. Perbøeite (gatelite) 9.BG.
    (IUPAC: (calcium triREE) (trialuminium iron(II)) heptaoxydisilicate tri(tetraoxysilicate) oxy dihydroxyl)
    1. Perbøeite-(Ce) (IMA2011-055) 9.BG.
    2. Perbøeite-(La) (IMA2018-116) 9.BG.
  25. Percleveite
    (IUPAC: diREE heptaoxodisilicate)
    1. Percleveite-(Ce) (IMA2002-023) 9.BC.35
    2. Percleveite-(La) (IMA2019-037) 9.BC.35
  26. Peretaite (IMA1979-068) 7.DF.45
    (IUPAC: calcium tetrantimony(III) dihydro tetraoxodisulfate dihydrate)
  27. Perettiite-(Y) (IMA2014-109) 6.0
  28. Perhamite (IMA1975-019) 8.DO.20
  29. Periclase (rocksalt, periclase: 1841) 4.AB.25
    (IUPAC: magnesium(II) oxide)
  30. Perite (nadorite: IMA1962 s.p.) 3.DC.30
    (IUPAC: lead bismuth dioxochloride)
  31. Perlialite (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA1982-032) 9.GC.25
  32. Perloffite (bjarebyite: IMA1976-002) 8.BH.20
    (IUPAC: barium dimanganese(II) diron(III) trihydro triphosphate)
  33. Permingeatite (stannite: IMA1971-003) 2.KA.10
    (IUPAC: tricopper antimonide tetraselenide)
  34. Perovskite (oxide perovskite: 1839) 4.CC.30
    (IUPAC: calcium titanium trioxide)
  35. Perraultite (seidozerite, bafertisite: IMA1984-033) 9.BE.67
    (IUPAC: barium sodium tetramanganese dititanium heptaoxydisilicate dioxy dihydroxyl fluoride)
  36. Perrierite (chevkinite) 9.BE.70
    1. Perrierite-(Ce) (IMA1987 s.p., 1950) 9.BE.70
    2. Perrierite-(La) (IMA2010-089) 9.BE.70
  37. Perroudite (IMA1986-035) 2.FC.20c
    (IUPAC: tetrasilver pentamercury di(iodo,bromo) dichloro pentasulfide)
  38. Perryite (silicide: IMA1968 s.p., 1965) 1.BB.10
    (IUPAC: octa(nickel,iron) tri(silicide,phosphide))
  39. Pertlikite (voltaite: IMA2005-055) 7.CC.25
  40. Pertsevite 6.AB.75
    (IUPAC: dimagnesium trioxoborate (monovalent anion))
    1. Pertsevite-(F) (IMA2002-030) 6.AB.75
    2. Pertsevite-(OH) (IMA2008-060) 6.AB.75
  41. Petalite (Y: 1800) 9.EF.05
    (IUPAC: lithium aluminium decaoxotetrasilicate)
  42. Petarasite (IMA1979-063) 9.CJ.40
  43. Petedunnite (pyroxene: IMA1983-073) 9.DA.15
    (IUPAC: calcium zinc hexaoxodisilicate)
  44. Peterandresenite (polyoxometalate: IMA2012-084) 4.0
  45. Peterbaylissite (IMA1993-041) 5.DC.25
    (IUPAC: trimercury hydroxo carbonate dihydrate)
  46. Petersenite-(Ce) (IMA1992-048) 5.AD.15
    (IUPAC: tetrasodium dicerium pentacarbonate)
  47. Petersite 8.DL.15
    (IUPAC: hexacopper (REE) hexahydro triphosphate trihydrate)
    1. Petersite-(Ce) (IMA2014-002) 8.DL.15
    2. Petersite-(La) (IMA2017-089) 8.DL.15
    3. Petersite-(Y) (IMA1981-064) 8.DL.15
  48. Petewilliamsite (IMA2002-059) 8.FA.25
  49. Petitjeanite (IMA1992-013) 8.BO.10
    (IUPAC: tribismuth hydro oxodiphosphate)
  50. Petříčekite (marcasite: IMA2015-111) 2.0
    (IUPAC: copper diselenide)
  51. Petrovicite (IMA1975-010) 2.LB.40
    (IUPAC: tricopper mercury lead bismuth pentaselenide)
  52. Petrovite (IMA2018-149a) 7.0
  53. Petrovskaite (IMA1983-079) 2.BA.75
    (IUPAC: gold silver sulfide)
  54. Petrukite (wurtzite: IMA1985-052) 2.KA.05
  55. Petscheckite (IMA1975-038) 4.DH.35
    (IUPAC: uranium(IV) iron(II) diniobium octaoxide)
  56. Petterdite (dundasite: IMA1999-034) 5.DB.10
    (IUPAC: lead dichromium tetrahydro dicarbonate monohydrate)
  57. Petzite (Y: 1845) 2.BA.75
    (IUPAC: trisilver gold ditelluride)
  58. Pezzottaite (distorted beryl: IMA2003-022) 9.CJ.60
  59. Pharmacoalumite (pharmacosiderite: IMA1980-002) 8.DK.12
    (IUPAC: dipotassium octaluminium octahydro hexarsenate tridecahydrate)
  60. Pharmacolite (gypsum: 1800) 8.CJ.50
    (IUPAC: calcium hydroxoarsenate dihydrate)
  61. Pharmacosiderite (pharmacosiderite: 1786) 8.DK.10
  62. Pharmazincite (feldspathoid, nepheline: IMA2014-015) 8.0
    (IUPAC: potassium zinc arsenate)
  63. Phaunouxite (IMA1980-062) 8.CJ.40
    (IUPAC: tricalcium diarsenate undecahydrate)
  64. Phenakite (phenakite: 1834) 9.AA.05
    (IUPAC: diberyllium tetraoxosilicate)
  65. Philipsbornite (alunite, crandallite: IMA1981-029) 8.BL.10
    (IUPAC: lead trialuminium arsenate hexahydro hydroxoarsenate)
  66. Philipsburgite (IMA1984-029) 8.DA.35
  67. Phillipsite (zeolitic tectosilicate) 9.GC.10
    1. Phillipsite-Ca (IMA1997 s.p., 1972) 9.GC.10
    2. Phillipsite-K (IMA1997 s.p., 1962) 9.GC.10
    3. Phillipsite-Na (IMA1997 s.p., 1825) 9.GC.10
  68. Philolithite (IMA1996-020) 5.BF.35
  69. Philoxenite (IMA2015-108) 7.0
  70. Philrothite (sartorite: IMA2013-066) 2.0
    (IUPAC: thallium pentasulfa triarsenide)
  71. Phlogopite (mica: 1841) 9.EC.20
    (IUPAC: potassium trimagnesium (aluminodecaoxotrisilicate) dihydroxyl)
  72. Phoenicochroite (IMA1980 s.p., 1833) 7.FB.05
    (IUPAC: dilead oxochromate)
  73. Phosgenite (Y: 1841) 5.BE.20
    (IUPAC: dilead dichloro carbonate)
  74. Phosinaite-(Ce) (IMA1973-058) 9.CF.15
    (IUPAC: tridecasodium calcium cerium tetra(trioxosilicate) tetraphosphate)
  75. Phosphammite (Y: 1852) 8.AD.20
    (IUPAC: diammonium hydroxophosphate)
  76. Phosphoellenbergerite (ellenbergerite: IMA1994-006) 8.BB.55
  77. Phosphoferrite (reddingite: IMA1980 s.p., 1920 Rd) 8.CC.05
    (IUPAC: triiron(II) diphosphate trihydrate)
  78. Phosphofibrite (phosphofibrite: IMA1982-082) 8.DJ.20
  79. Phosphogartrellite (tsumcorite: IMA1996-035) 8.CG.20
    (IUPAC: lead copper iron(III) di(hydro,water) diphosphate)
  80. Phosphohedyphane (apatite: IMA2005-026) 8.BN.05
    (IUPAC: dicalcium trilead chloro triphosphate)
  81. Phosphoinnelite (IMA2005-022) 9.BE.40
    (IUPAC: trisodium tetrabarium trititanium di(heptaoxodisilicate) di(phosphate,sulfate) dioxofluorine)
  82. Phosphophyllite (Y: 1920) 8.CA.40
    (IUPAC: dizinc iron(II) diphosphate tetrahydrate)
  83. Phosphorrösslerite (Y: 1939) 8.CE.20
    (IUPAC: magnesium hydroxophosphate heptahydrate)
  84. Phosphosiderite (metavariscite: IMA1967 s.p., 1890) 8.CD.05
    (IUPAC: iron(III) phosphate dihydrate)
  85. Phosphovanadylite 8.DM.20
    1. Phosphovanadylite-Ba (2013, IMA1996-037 Rd) 8.DM.20
    2. Phosphovanadylite-Ca (IMA2011-101) 8.DM.20
  86. Phosphowalpurgite (IMA2001-062) 8.EA.05
    (IUPAC: uranyl tetrabismuth tetraoxodiphosphate dihydrate)
  87. Phosphuranylite (phosphuranylite: 1879) 8.EC.10
    (IUPAC: potassium calcium trihydronium heptauranyl tetraoxotetraphosphate octahydrate)
  88. Phoxite (IMA2018-009) 10.0
  89. Phuralumite (phosphuranylite: IMA1978-044) 8.EC.05
    (IUPAC: dialuminium triuranyl hexahydro diphosphate decahydrate)
  90. Phurcalite (phosphuranylite: 1977-040) 8.EC.35
    (IUPAC: dicalcium triuranyl dioxodiphosphate heptahydrate)
  91. PhylloretineQ (Y: 1839) 10.BA.35
  92. Phyllotungstite (IMA1984-018) 7.GB.20

1.3. Pi – Pl

  1. Picaite (IMA2018-022) 8.0
    (IUPAC: sodium calcium hydroxoarsenate dihydroxoarsenate)
  2. Piccoliite (carminite: IMA2017-016) 8.0
    (IUPAC: sodium calcium dimanganese(III) oxodehydro diarsenate)
  3. Pickeringite (halotrichite: 1844) 7.CB.85
    (IUPAC: magnesium dialuminium tetrasulfate docosahydrate)
  4. Picotpaulite (cubanite: IMA1970-031) 2.CB.60
    (IUPAC: thallium diiron trisulfide)
  5. Picromerite (picromerite: IMA1982 s.p., 1955) 7.CC.60
    (IUPAC: dipotassium magnesium disulfate hexahydrate)
  6. Picropharmacolite (Y: 1819) 8.CH.15
    (IUPAC: tetracalcium magnesium di(hydroxoarsenate) diarsenate undecahydrate)
  7. Pieczkaite (apatite: IMA2014-005) 8.0
    (IUPAC: pentamanganese chloro triphosphate)
  8. Piemontite (epidote, epidote: IMA1962 s.p., 1853) 9.BG.05
    (IUPAC: dicalcium (dialuminium manganese(III)) heptaoxodisilicate tetraoxosilicate oxyhydroxyl)
  9. Piemontite (epidote, clinozoisite) 9.BG.
    (IUPAC: calcium [metal] (dialuminiium manganese(III)) heptaoxodisilicate tetraoxosilicate oxyhydroxyl)
    1. Piemontite-(Pb) (IMA2011-087) 9.BG.
    2. Piemontite-(Sr) (IMA1989-031) 9.BG.
  10. Piergorite-(Ce) (IMA2005-008) 9.DL.10
  11. Pierrotite (sartorite: IMA1969-036) 2.HC.05f
  12. Pigeonite (pyroxene: IMA1988 s.p., 1900) 9.DA.10
    (IUPAC: di(magnesium,iron,calcium) hexaoxodisilicate)
  13. PigotiteQ (Y: 1840) 10.AC.15
  14. Pilawite-(Y) (carminite: IMA2013-125) 9.0
    (IUPAC: dicalcium diyttrium tetraluminium tetra(tetraoxosilicate) dioxydihydroxyl)
  15. Pillaite (IMA1997-042) 2.JB.35c
  16. Pilsenite (tetradymite: IMA1982 s.p., 1853 Rd) 2.DC.05
    (IUPAC: tetrabismuth tritelluride)
  17. (Pimelite: a nickel-dominant smectite (smectite group: saponite group and montmorillonite group))
  18. Pinakiolite (Y: 1890) 6.AB.35
  19. Pinalite (IMA1988-025) 3.DC.55
    (IUPAC: trilead oxochloro tungstate)
  20. Pinchite (IMA1973-052) 3.DD.25
    (IUPAC: pentamercury tetraoxodichloride)
  21. Pingguite (tellurite: IMA1993-019) 4.JL.20
    (IUPAC: hexabismuth tridecaoxoditellurate(IV))
  22. Pinnoite (Y: 1884) 6.BB.05
    (IUPAC: magnesium [hexahydro oxodiborate])
  23. PintadoiteQ (Y: 1914) 8.FC.15
    (IUPAC: dicalcium heptaoxodivanadate(V) nonahydrate)
  24. Piretite (selenite: IMA1996-002) 4.JJ.15
    (IUPAC: calcium triuranyl tetrahydro diselenite tetrahydrate)
  25. Pirquitasite (stannite: IMA1980-091) 2.CB.15a
    (IUPAC: disilver zinc tetrasulfa stannide)
  26. Pirssonite (Y: 1896) 5.CB.30
    (IUPAC: disodium calcium dicarbonate dihydrate)
  27. Písekite-(Y)Q (Y: 1923) 4.00.
    Note: synonym of monazite-(Y) (not approved).
  28. Pitiglianoite (cancrinite: IMA1990-012) 9.FB.05
  29. PitticiteQ (Y: 1808) 8.DB.05
    Note: "generic name for amorphous, gel-like, ferric iron arsenate minerals of varying chemical composition" (P. J. Dunn, 1982).
  30. Pittongite (IMA2005-034a) 4.DH.45
  31. Piypite (IMA1982-097) 7.BC.40
    (IUPAC: tetrapotassium tetracopper dioxotetrasulfate · (sodium,copper)chloride)
  32. Pizgrischite (cuprobismutite: IMA2001-002) 2.JA.10d
  33. PlagioniteI (plagionite: 1833) 2.HC.10b
  34. Plancheite (IMA1967 s.p., 1908 Rd) 9.DB.35
    (IUPAC: octacopper di(undecaoxotetrasilicate) tetrahydroxyl monohydrate)
  35. Planerite (turquoise: IMA1998 s.p., 1862 Rd) 8.DD.15
    (IUPAC: hexaaluminium octahydro diphosphate di(hydroxophosphate) tetrahydrate)
  36. Plášilite (IMA2014-021) 7.0
    (IUPAC: sodium uranyl hydro sulfate dihydrate)
  37. Platarsite (pyrite: IMA1976-050) 2.EB.25
    (IUPAC: platinum sulfa arsenide)
  38. Platinum (element: 1750) 1.AF.10
  39. Plattnerite (rutile: 1845) 4.DB.05
    (IUPAC: lead(IV) oxide)
  40. Plavnoite (zippeite: IMA2015-059) 7.0
  41. Playfairite (madocite: IMA1966-019) 2.LB.30
  42. Plimerite (rockbridgeite: IMA2008-013) 8.BC.10
    (IUPAC: zinc tetrairon(III) pentahydro triphosphate)
  43. Pliniusite (apatite: IMA2018-031)
  44. Plombièrite (tobermorite: 1858) 9.DG.08
  45. Plumboagardite (mixite: IMA2003-031a) 8.DL.15
  46. Plumboferrite (magnetoplumbite: 1881) 4.CC.45
  47. Plumbogummite (alunite, crandallite: IMA1999 s.p., 1819 Rd) 8.BL.10
    (IUPAC: lead trialuminium hexahydro phosphate hydroxophosphate)
  48. Plumbojarosite (alunite, alunite: IMA1987 s.p., 1902 Rd) 7.BC.10
    (IUPAC: lead hexairon(III) dodecahydro tetrasulfate)
  49. Plumbonacrite (Y: 1889 Rd) 5.BE.15
    (IUPAC: pentalead oxodihydro tricarbonate)
  50. Plumbopalladinite (alloy: IMA1970-020) 1.AG.25
    (IUPAC: tripalladium dilead alloy)
  51. Plumboperloffite (bjarebyite: IMA2020-007) 8.0
  52. Plumbopharmacosiderite (pharmacosiderite: IMA2016-109) 8.0
    (IUPAC: lead octairon(III) octahydro hexarsenate decahydrate)
  53. Plumbophyllite (IMA2008-025) 9.EA.85
    (IUPAC: dilead decaoxotetrasilicate monohydrate)
  54. Plumboselite (IMA2010-028) 4.0
    (IUPAC: trilead dioxoselenite)
  55. Plumbotellurite (tellurite: IMA1980-102) 4.JK.55
    (IUPAC: lead tellurate(IV))
  56. Plumbotsumite (IMA1979-049) 9.HH.20
    (IUPAC: pentalead octaoxotetrasilicate decahydroxyl)
  57. PlumositeQ (Y: 1845) 2.0
    (IUPAC: dilead pentasulfa diantimonide)
    Note: old specimens are various Pb–Sb sulfosalts with a hair-like (feather ore) habit.
     Many times boulangerite, but sometimes jamesonite, zinkenite, as well.

1.4. Po – Py

  1. Podlesnoite (IMA2006-033) 5.BC.15
    (IUPAC: barium dicalcium difluoro dicarbonate)
  2. Poitevinite (IMA1963-010) 7.CB.05
    (IUPAC: copper sulfate monohydrate)
  3. Pokhodyashinite (sulfosalt: IMA2019-130) 2.0
  4. Pokrovskite (malachite: IMA1982-054) 5.BA.10
    (IUPAC: dimagnesium dihydro carbonate)
  5. Poirierite (IMA2018-026b) 9.A
    (IUPAC: dimagnesium tetraoxysilicate)
  6. Polarite (IMA1969-032) 2.AC.40
  7. Poldervaartite (IMA1992-012) 9.AF.90
    (IUPAC: calcium (calcium,manganese) (hydrotrioxosilicate) hydroxyl)
  8. Polekhovskyite (phosphide: IMA2018-147) 1.0
  9. Polezhaevaite-(Ce) (gagarinite: IMA2009-015) 3.AB.35
    (IUPAC: sodium strontium cerium hexafluoride)
  10. Polhemusite (IMA1972-017) 2.CB.05c
    (IUPAC: (zinc,mercury) sulfide)
  11. Polkanovite (IMA1997-030) 2.AC.30
    (IUPAC: dodecarhenium heptarsenide)
  12. Polkovicite (1974-037) 2.CB.35a
  13. Polloneite (sartorite: IMA2014-093) 2.0
  14. Pollucite (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA1997 s.p., 1846) 9.GB.05
    (IUPAC: caesium (aluminodisilicate) hexaoxide (n)hydrate)
  15. Polyakovite-(Ce) (chevkinite: IMA1998-029) 9.BE.70
    (IUPAC: tetra(cerium,calcium) magnesium dichromium di(titanium,niobium) docosaoxotetrasilicate)
  16. Polyarsite (IMA2019-058) 8.0
  17. Polybasite (polybasite: IMA2006 s.p., 1829 Rd) 2.GB.15
  18. Polycrase-(Y) (columbite: IMA1987 s.p., 1844) 4.DG.05
    (IUPAC: yttrium di(titanium,niobium) hexa(oxo,hydro))
  19. Polydymite (spinel, linnaeite: 1876) 2.DA.05
    (IUPAC: nickel(II) dinickel(III) tetrasulfide)
  20. Polyhalite (Y: 1817) 7.CC.65
    (IUPAC: dipotassium dicalcium magnesium tetrasulfate dihydrate)
  21. Polylithionite (mica: IMA1998 s.p., 1884) 9.EC.20
    (IUPAC: potassium dilithium aluminium decaoxotetrasilicate difluorine)
  22. Polyphite (seidozerite, murmanite: IMA1990-025) 9.BE.47
  23. Ponomarevite (IMA1986-040) 3.DA.35
    (IUPAC: tetrapotassium tetracopper oxodecachloride)
  24. Popovite (IMA2013-060) 8.
    (IUPAC: pentacopper dioxodiarsenate)
  25. Poppiite (IMA2005-018) 9.BG.20
  26. Popugaevaite (IMA2019-115) 6.CE.
  27. Portlandite (brucite: 1933) 4.FE.05
    (IUPAC: calcium dihydroxide)
  28. Pošepnýite (tetrahedrite: IMA2018-121a) 2.0
  29. Posnjakite (IMA1967-001) 7.DD.10
    (IUPAC: tetracopper hexahydro sulfate monohydrate)
  30. Postite (decavanadate: IMA2011-060) 4.0
  31. Potarite (amalgam: 1928) 1.AD.25
    (IUPAC: palladium mercury amalgam)
  32. Potassic-arfvedsonite [Na-amphibole: IMA2012 s.p., potassicarfvedsonite (IMA2003-043)] 9.DE.25
  33. Potassiccarpholite (carpholite: IMA002-064) 9.DB.05
  34. Potassic-chloro-hastingsite [Ca-amphibole: IMA2012 s.p., chloro-potassichastingsite (IMA2005-007)] 9.DE.15
  35. Potassic-chloro-pargasite [Ca-amphibole: IMA2012 s.p., potassic-chloropargasite (IMA2001-036)] 9.DE.15
  36. Potassic-ferri-leakeite [Na-amphibole: IMA2012 s.p., potassicleakeite (IMA2001-049)] 9.DE.25
  37. Potassic-ferro-ferri-sadanagaite [Ca-amphibole: IMA2012 s.p., potassic-ferrisadanagaite (IMA1997-035)] 9.DE.15
  38. Potassic-ferro-ferri-taramite [Na-Ca-amphibole: IMA2012 s.p., mboziite (IMA1964-003)] 9.DE.20
  39. Potassic-ferro-pargasite [Ca-amphibole: IMA2012 s.p., potassic-ferropargasite (IMA2007-053)] 9.DE.15
  40. Potassic-ferro-sadanagaite [Ca-amphibole: IMA2012 s.p., potassic-aluminosadanagaite (IMA1980-027)] 9.DE.15
  41. Potassic-ferro-taramite [Na-Ca-amphibole: IMA2012 s.p., potassic-aluminotaramite (IMA2007-015)] 9.D
  42. Potassic-fluoro-hastingsite [Ca-amphibole: IMA2012 s.p., fluoro-potassichastingsite (IMA2005-006)] 9.DE.15
  43. Potassic-fluoro-pargasite [Ca-amphibole: IMA2012 s.p., fluoro-potassic-pargasite (IMA2009-091)] 9.DE.10
  44. Potassic-fluoro-richterite [Na-Ca-amphibole: IMA2012 s.p., fluoro-potassicrichterite (IMA2004 s.p.), potassium-fluorrichterite (IMA1986-046)] 9.DE.20
  45. Potassic-hastingsite [Ca-amphibole: IMA2018-160] 9.D
  46. Potassic-jeanlouisite [amphibole: IMA2018-050] 9.DE.
  47. Potassic-magnesio-arfvedsonite [Na-amphibole: IMA2016-083] 9.DE.25
  48. Potassic-magnesio-fluoro-arfvedsonite [Na-amphibole: IMA2012 s.p., fluoro-potassic-magnesio-arfvedsonite (IMA2006 s.p.), potassium fluoro-magnesio-arfvedsonite (IMA1985-023)] 9.DE.25
  49. Potassic-magnesio-hastingsite [Ca-amphibole: IMA2012 s.p., potassic-magnesiohastingsite (IMA2004-027b)] 9.DE.15
  50. Potassic-mangani-leakeite [Na-amphibole: IMA2012 s.p., kornite (IMA1992-032)] 9.DE.25
  51. Potassic-pargasite [Ca-amphibole: IMA2012 s.p., potassicpargasite (IMA1994-046)] 9.DE.15
  52. Potassic-richterite (Na-Ca-amphibole: IMA2017-102) 9.D
  53. Potassic-sadanagaite [Ca-amphibole: IMA2012 s.p., potassic-magnesiosadanagaite (IMA2003 s.p.), magnesiosadanagaite (2004), magnesio-sadanagaite (IMA1982-102)] 9.D
  54. Pottsite (IMA1986-045) 8.CG.25
    (IUPAC: (trilead bismuth) bismuth tetravanadate monohydrate)
  55. Poubaite (aleksite: IMA1975-015) 2.GC.40c
    (IUPAC: (lead dibismuthide tetra(selenide,telluride,sulfide))
  56. Poudretteite (milarite: IMA1986-028) 9.CM.05
    (IUPAC: (potassium disodium (triborododecasilicate) triacontaoxy)
  57. Poughite (tellurite: IMA1966-048) 4.JN.10
    (IUPAC: diron(III) di(trioxotellurate(IV)) sulfate trihydrate)
  58. Povondraite (tourmaline: IMA1990-E) 9.CK.05
  59. Powellite (scheelite: 1891) 7.GA.05
    (IUPAC: calcium tetraoxomolybdate)
  60. Poyarkovite (IMA1980-099) 3.DD.10
    (IUPAC: tri(dimercury) dioxodichloride)
  61. Pradetite (lindackerite: IMA2006-D, IMA1991-046 Rd) 8.CE.30
    (IUPAC: cobalt tetracopper diarsenate di(hydroxoarsenate) nonahydrate)
  62. Prachařite (IMA2018-081) 4.0
  63. Prehnite (Y: 1789) 9.DP.20
    (IUPAC: dicalcium aluminium (aluminotrisilicate) decaoxy dihydroxyl)
  64. Preisingerite (IMA1981-016) 8.BO.10
    (IUPAC: tribismuth hydro oxodiarsenate)
  65. Preiswerkite (mica: IMA1979-008) 9.EC.20
    (IUPAC: sodium aluminium dimagnesium (dialuminodisilicate) decaoxy dihydroxyl)
  66. Preobrazhenskite (Y: 1956) 6.GB.15
    (IUPAC: trimagnesium nonahydro pentaoxoundecaborate)
  67. Pretulite (zircon: IMA1996-024) 8.AD.35
    (IUPAC: scandium phosphate)
  68. Prewittite (selenite: IMA2002-041) 4.JG.
  69. Příbramite (chalcostibite: IMA2015-127) 2.0
    (IUPAC: copper antimony diselenide)
  70. Priceite (Y: 1873) 6.EB.25
    (IUPAC: dicalcium pentahydro heptaoxopentaborate monohydrate)
  71. Priderite (hollandite, coronadite: 1951) 4.DK.05b
    (IUPAC: potassium (heptatitanium iron(III) hexadecaoxide)
  72. Pringleite (IMA1992-010) 6.GD.05
  73. Priscillagrewite-(Y) (garnet: IMA2020-002) 4.0
    (IUPAC: (dicalcium yttrium) dizirconium tri(aluminium tetraoxide))
  74. Prismatine (IMA1996 s.p., 1886 Rd) 9.BJ.50
  75. Probertite (Y: 1929) 6.EB.15
    (IUPAC: sodium calcium tetrahydro heptaoxopentaborate trihydrate)
  76. Proshchenkoite-(Y) (okanoganite: IMA2008-007) 9.AJ.35
  77. Prosopite (Y: 1853) 3.CD.10
    (IUPAC: calcium alumino octa(fluoride,hydro))
  78. Prosperite (IMA1978-028) 8.CA.60
    (IUPAC: dicalcium tetrazinc tetrarsenate monohydrate)
  79. Protasite (IMA1984-001) 4.GB.10
    (IUPAC: barium triuranyl dihydro trioxide trihydrate)
  80. Proto-anthophyllite [Mg-Fe-Mn-amphibole: IMA2012 s.p., protoanthophyllite (IMA2001-065)] 9.DD.05
  81. Protochabournéite (chabournéite: IMA2011-054) 2.0
  82. Protoenstatite (pyroxene: IMA2016-117) 9.DA.
    (IUPAC: dimagnesium hexaoxodisilicate)
  83. Proto-ferro-anthophyllite [Mg-Fe-Mn-amphibole: IMA2012 s.p., protoferro-anthophyllite (IMA1986-006)] 9.DD.05
  84. Proto-ferro-suenoite [Mg-Fe-Mn-amphibole: IMA2013 s.p., proto-mangano-ferro-anthophyllite (IMA1986-007)] 9.DD.05
  85. Proudite (IMA1975-028) 2.JB.25d
  86. Proustite (Y: 1832) 2.GA.05
    (IUPAC: trisilver sulfarsenite)
  87. Proxidecagonite (IMA2018-038) 1.0
  88. PrzhevalskiteQ (Y: 1956) 8.EB.10
    (IUPAC: lead diuranyl diphosphate tetrahydrate)
  89. Pseudoboleite (IMA2007 s.p., 1895) 3.DB.10
  90. Pseudobrookite (IMA1988 s.p., 1878 Rd) 4.CB.15
    (IUPAC: (diiron(III) titanium) pentaoxide)
  91. PseudocotunniteQ (Y: 1873) 3.DC.90
    (IUPAC: dipotassium lead tetrachloride (?))
  92. Pseudograndreefite (IMA1988-017) 7.BD.65
    (IUPAC: hexalead sulfate decafluoride)
  93. Pseudojohannite (IMA2000-019) 7.EC.20
    (IUPAC: tricopper dihydro [tetrauranyl tetraoxodisulfate] dodecahydrate)
  94. Pseudolaueite (stewartite, laueite: 1956) 8.DC.30
    (IUPAC: manganese(II) diiron(III) dihydro diphosphate octahydrate)
  95. Pseudolyonsite (howardevansite: IMA2009-062) 8.AB.35
    (IUPAC: tricopper divanadate)
  96. Pseudomalachite (Y: 1813) 8.BD.05
    (IUPAC: pentacopper tetrahydro diphosphate)
  97. Pseudomarkeyite (IMA2018-114) 5.0
    (IUPAC: octacalcium tetrauranyl dodecacarbonate henicosahydrate)
  98. Pseudomeisserite-(NH4) (IMA2018-166) 7.0
  99. Pseudorutile (tivanite: IMA1994 s.p., 1966 Rd) 4.CB.25
    (IUPAC: diiron(III) trititanium(IV) nonaoxide)
  100. Pseudosinhalite (IMA1997-014) 6.AC.10
    (IUPAC: dimagnesium trialuminium hydro nonaoxodiborate)
  101. Pseudowollastonite (IMA1962 s.p., 1959) 9.CA.20
    (IUPAC: calcium trioxosilicate)
  102. Pucherite (scheelite: 1871) 8.AD.40
    (IUPAC: bismuth vanadate)
  103. Pumpellyite (pumpellyite) 9.BG.20
    (IUPAC: dicalcium metal dialuminium di(hydroxyl,oxy) heptaoxodisilicate tetraoxosilicate monohydrate)
    1. Pumpellyite-(Al) (IMA2005-016) 9.BG.20
    2. Pumpellyite-(Fe2+) (IMA1973 s.p., IMA1972-003) 9.BG.20
    3. Pumpellyite-(Fe3+) (IMA1973 s.p., IMA1972-003a) 9.BG.20
    4. Pumpellyite-(Mg) (IMA1973 s.p., 1925) 9.BG.20
    5. Pumpellyite-(Mn2+) (IMA1980-006) 9.BG.20
  104. Puninite (euchlorine: IMA2015-012) 7.0
    (IUPAC: disodium tricopper oxotrisulfate)
  105. Punkaruaivite (IMA2008-018) 9.DB.15
    (IUPAC: lithium {dititanium dihydroxyl [undecaoxytetrasilicate monohydroxyl]} monohydrate)
  106. Purpurite (olivine: 1905) 8.AB.10
    (IUPAC: (manganese(III),iron(III)) phosphate)
  107. Pushcharovskite (IMA1995-048) 8.CA.55
  108. Putnisite (IMA2011-106) 5.0
  109. Putoranite (chalcopyrite: IMA1979-054) 02.CB.10b
  110. Putzite (argyrodite: IMA2002-024) 2.BA.70
    (IUPAC: octa(copper,silver) hexasulfa germanide)
  111. Pyatenkoite-(Y) (IMA1995-034) 9.DM.10
    (IUPAC: pentasodium yttrium titanium octadecaoxyhexasilicate hexahydrate)
  112. Pyracmonite (IMA2008-029) 7.AC.08
    (IUPAC: triammonium iron trisulfate)
  113. Pyradoketosite (IMA2019-132) 2.0
    (IUPAC: trisilver trisulfantimonide)
  114. Pyrargyrite (Y: 1831) 2.GA.05
    (IUPAC: trisilver trisulfantimonide)
  115. Pyrite (pyrite: old) 2.EB.05a
    (IUPAC: iron disulfide)
  116. Pyroaurite (hydrotalcite: 1866 Rd) 5.DA.50
    (IUPAC: hexamagnesium diiron(III) hexadecahydro carbonate tetrahydrate)
  117. Pyrobelonite (descloizite: 1919) 8.BH.40
    (IUPAC: lead manganese(II) hydro vanadate)
  118. (Pyrochlore group (A2Nb2(O,OH)6Z), pyrochlore supergroup )
  119. Pyrochroite (brucite: 1864) 4.FE.05
    (IUPAC: manganese(II) dihydroxide)
  120. Pyrolusite (rutile: IMA1982 s.p., 1827) 4.DB.05
    (IUPAC: manganese(IV) dioxide)
  121. Pyromorphite (apatite: 1813) 8.BN.05
    (IUPAC: pentalead chloro triphosphate)
  122. Pyrope (garnet, garnet: 1803) 9.AD.25
    (IUPAC: trimagnesium dialuminium tri(tetraoxosilicate))
  123. Pyrophanite (corundum: 1890) 4.CB.05
    (IUPAC: manganese(II) titanium trioxide)
  124. Pyrophyllite (pyrophyllite: 1829) 9.EC.10
    (IUPAC: dialuminium decaoxotetrasilicate dihydroxyl)
  125. Pyrosmalite 09.EE.10
    1. Pyrosmalite-(Fe) (IMA1985-L, 1808) 9.EE.10
      (IUPAC: octairon(II) pentadecaoxohexasilicate decahydroxyl)
    2. Pyrosmalite-(Mn) (IMA2007 s.p., 1953) 9.EE.10
      (IUPAC: octamanganese(II) pentadecaoxohexasilicate deca(hydroxyl,chlorine))
  126. Pyrostilpnite (xanthoconite: 1868) 2.GA.10
    (IUPAC: trisilver trisulfantimonide)
  127. Pyroxferroite (IMA1970-001) 9.DO.05
    (IUPAC: iron(II) trioxosilicate)
  128. Pyroxmangite (Y: 1913) 9.DO.05
    (IUPAC: manganese(II) trioxosilicate)
  129. Pyrrhotite (nickeline: 1835) 2.CC.10
    (IUPAC: heptairon octasulfide)

2. Q

Quartz on albite Marilac, Minas Gerais, Southeast Region, Brazil
Quartz (var. amethyst) included with hematite
Quartz (var. rock crystal)
  1. Qandilite (spinel, spinel: IMA1980-046) 4.BB.05
  2. Qaqarssukite-(Ce) (IMA2004-019) 5.BD.25
    (IUPAC: barium cerium fluoro dicarbonate)
  3. Qatranaite (IMA2016-024) 4.0
  4. Qilianshanite (IMA1992-008) 6.H0.55
    (IUPAC: sodium tetrahydrogen carbonate borate dihydrate)
  5. Qingheiite (alluaudite, wyllieite) 8.AC.15
    1. Qingheiite (IMA1981-051) 8.AC.15
      (IUPAC: sodium manganese (magnesium aluminium) triphosphate)
    2. Qingheiite-(Fe2+) (IMA2009-076) 8.AC.15
      (IUPAC: disodium iron(II) magnesium aluminium triphosphate)
  6. Qingsongite (nitride: IMA2013-030) 1.0
    (IUPAC: cubic boron nitride, borazon)
  7. Qitianlingite (columbite: IMA1983-075) 4.DB.35
  8. Quadratite (IMA1994-038) 2.GC.25
  9. Quadridavyne (cancrinite: IMA1990-054) 9.FB.05
  10. Quadruphite (seidozerite, murmanite: IMA1990-026) 9.BE.45
    (IUPAC: octasodium di(calcio,sodio) tetrasodium tetratitanium di(heptaoxydisilicate) tetraphosphate tetraoxy difluoride)
  11. Quartz (quartz: IMA1967 s.p., 1546) 4.DA.05
    (IUPAC: dioxysilicate)
  12. Queitite (IMA1978-029) 9.BF.20
    (IUPAC: dizinc tetralead tetraoxysilicate heptaoxydisilicate sulfate)
  13. Quenselite (Y: 1925) 4.FE.30
    (IUPAC: lead manganese(III) hydro dioxide)
  14. Quenstedtite (Y: 1888) 7.CB.65
    (IUPAC: diiron(III) trisulfate undecahydrate)
  15. Quetzalcoatlite (IMA1973-010) 4.FE.45
  16. Quijarroite (IMA2016-052) 2.0
  17. Quintinite (hydrotalcite: IMA1992-028, IMA1992-029) 5.DA.40
    (IUPAC: tetramagnesium dialuminium dodecahydroxide carbonate trihydrate)
  18. Qusongite (carbide: IMA2007-034) 1.BA.25
    (IUPAC: tungsten carbide)

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