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This list includes those recognised minerals beginning with the letter D. The International Mineralogical Association is the international group that recognises new minerals and new mineral names, however minerals discovered before 1959 did not go through the official naming procedure, although some minerals published previously have been either confirmed or discredited since that date. This list contains a mixture of mineral names that have been approved since 1959 and those mineral names believed to still refer to valid mineral species (these are called "grandfathered" species). The list is divided into groups: The data was exported from on 29 April 2005; updated up to 'IMA2018'. The minerals are sorted by name, followed by the structural group ( and ima-cnmnc by, mainly) or chemical class ( and basics), the year of publication (if it's before of an IMA approval procedure), the IMA approval and the Nickel–Strunz code. The first link is to, the second link is to, and the third is to the Handbook of Mineralogy (Mineralogical Society of America).

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1. D

Danburite, 5.6 × 2.8 × 1.9 cm cut gem, 5.48 carats, 1.3 × 1 cm Bor Pit, Dal'negorsk B deposit, Primorsky Krai, Far Eastern economic region, Russia.
Greenish diamond, Venezuela.
Diaspore doubly-terminated crystal perched in matrix of crystallized margarite, Mugla Province, Aegean Region, Turkey.
Dioptase, 5.2 × 3.4 × 1.4 cm, Tsumeb, Namibia.
Cobaltoan dolomite, 11 × 8 × 4.3 cm, Kolwezi Mine, Lualaba District, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Doyleite from Xianghualing Mine, Xianghualing Sn-polymetallic ore field, Linwu County, Chenzhou Prefecture, Hunan Province, China.
Chrome dravite tourmaline, 1.4 × 0.9 × 0.9 cm, Merelani Hills, Arusha Region, Tanzania.
Dyscrasite, 4.5 × 4.5 × 3.3 cm, Uranium Mine No. 21, Příbram, Central Bohemian Region, Czech Republic.
  1. Dachiardite 09.GD.40
    1. Dachiardite-Ca (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA1997 s.p., 1906) 09.GD.40
    2. Dachiardite-K (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA2015-041) 09.GD.40
    3. Dachiardite-Na (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA1997 s.p., 1975) 09.GD.40
  2. Dadsonite (dadsonite: IMA1968-011) 02.HC.30
  3. Dagenaisite (tellurium oxysalt: IMA2017-017) 07.A?.
    (IUPAC: trizinc tellurium(VI) hexaoxide)
  4. Dalinarite (IMA2007-010) 02.
    (IUPAC: lead mercury diarsenide hexasulfide)
  5. Dalnegorskite (wollastonite: IMA2018-007) 09.D?.
    (IUPAC: pentacalcium manganese di(nonaoxotrisilicate))
  6. Dalnegroite (chabournéite: IMA2009-058) 02.HC.05e
  7. Dalyite (Y: 1952) 09.EA.25
  8. Damaraite (IMA1989-013) 03.DC.75
    (IUPAC: trilead hydrodioxo chloride)
  9. Damiaoite (alloy: IMA1995-041) 01.AG.55
    (IUPAC: platinum diindium alloy)
  10. Danalite (sodalite: 1866) 09.FB.10
    (IUPAC: triberyllium tetrairon(II) tri(tetraoxosilicate) sulfide)
  11. Danbaite (alloy: IMA1981-041) 01.AB.10b
    (IUPAC: copper dizinc alloy)
  12. Danburite (danburite: 1839) 09.FA.65
    (IUPAC: calcium octaoxo diboro disilicate)
  13. Danielsite (IMA1984-044) 02.BD.15
  14. D'ansite 07.BC.05
    1. D'ansite (d'ansite: IMA2007 s.p., 1958) 07.BC.05
      (IUPAC: henicosasodium magnesium decasulfate trichloride)
    2. D'ansite-(Fe) (d'ansite: IMA2011-065) 07.BC.
      (IUPAC: henicosasodium iron(II) decasulfate trichloride)
    3. D'ansite-(Mn) (d'ansite: IMA2011-064) 07.BC.
      (IUPAC: henicosasodium manganese(II) decasulfate trichloride)
  15. Dantopaite (pavonite: IMA2008-058) 02.JA.05
  16. Daomanite (Y: 1974) 02.LA.15
    (IUPAC: copper platinum sulfarsenite)
  17. Daqingshanite-(Ce) (IMA1981-063) 05.BF.15
    (IUPAC: tristrontium cerium phosphate tricarbonate)
  18. Darapiosite (milarite: IMA1974-056) 09.CM.05
  19. Darapskite (IMA1967 s.p., 1891) 07.DG.05
    (IUPAC: trisodium sulfate nitrate monohydrate)
  20. Dargaite (nabimusaite, arctite: IMA2015-068) 09.
  21. Darrellhenryite (tourmaline: IMA2012-026) 09.CK.
  22. Dashkovaite (IMA2000-006) 10.AA.10
    (IUPAC: magnesium formiate dihydrate)
  23. Datolite (gadolinite: 1806) 09.AJ.20
    (IUPAC: calcium boro tetraoxosilicate hydroxyl)
  24. Daubréeite (matlockite: 1876) 03.DC.25
    (IUPAC: hydrobismuth oxide)
  25. Daubréelite (spinel, linnaeite: 1876) 02.DA.05
    (IUPAC: iron(II) dichromium tetrasulfide)
  26. Davanite (IMA1982-100) 09.EA.25
  27. Davidbrownite-(NH4) (oxalate: IMA2018-129) 10.
  28. Davidite 04.CC.40
    1. Davidite-(Ce) (crichtonite: IMA1966 s.p., 1960) 04.CC.40
    2. Davidite-(La) (crichtonite: IMA1987 s.p., 1906) 04.CC.40
    3. Davidite-(Y)H (crichtonite: 1966) 04.CC.40
  29. Davidlloydite (parahopeite: IMA2011-053) 08.CA.
    (IUPAC: trizinc diarsenate tetrahydrate)
  30. Davidsmithite (feldspathoid, nepheline: IMA2016-070) 09.F?.
  31. Davinciite (eudialyte: IMA2011-019) 09.CO.
  32. Davisite (pyroxene: IMA2008-030) 09.DA.15
    (IUPAC: calcium scandium aluminium hexaoxo silicate)
  33. Davreuxite (Y: 1878) 09.BF.15
  34. Davyne (cancrinite: 1825) 09.FB.05
  35. Dawsonite (Y: 1874) 05.BB.10
    (IUPAC: sodium aluminium carbonate dihydro)
  36. Deanesmithite (IMA1991-001) 07.FB.20
  37. Debattistiite (IMA2011-098) 02.
  38. Decagonite (alloy: IMA2015-017) 01.AH.
  39. Decrespignyite-(Y) (IMA2001-027) 05.CC.35
    (IUPAC: tetrayttrium copper tetracarbonate chloride pentahydro dihydrate)
  40. Deerite (IMA1964-016) 09.DH.60
  41. Defernite (IMA1978-057) 05.BA.25
  42. Dekatriasartorite (sartorite: IMA2017-071) 02.
  43. Delafossite (Y: 1873) 04.AB.15
    (IUPAC: copper(I) iron(III) dioxide)
  44. Delhayelite (rhodesite: IMA1962 s.p., 1959) 09.EB.10
  45. Delhuyarite-(Ce) (chevkinite: IMA2016-091) 09.B?.
  46. Deliensite (IMA1996-013) 07.EB.10
    (IUPAC: iron(II) diuranyl disulfate dihydro heptahydrate)
  47. Delindeite (seidozerite, lamprophyllite: IMA1987-004) 09.BE.60
  48. Dellagiustaite (spinel: IMA2017-101) 04.
    (IUPAC: vanadium(II) dialuminium tetraoxide)
  49. Dellaite (IMA1964-005) 09.BG.45
    (IUPAC: hexacalcium heptaoxodisilicate tetraoxosilicate dihydroxyl)
  50. Deloneite (apatite: IMA1995-036 Rd) 08.BN.05
  51. Deloryite (IMA1990-037) 04.FL.85
    (IUPAC: tetracoper uranyl dimolybdenum octaoxo hexahydro)
  52. Delrioite (delrioite: IMA1962 s.p., 1959 Rd) 04.HG.35
    (IUPAC: strontium divanadate(V) tetrahydrate)
  53. Deltalumite (spinel: IMA2016-027) 04.
  54. DelvauxiteQ (amorphous: 1836) 08.DM.35
    Note: an ill-defined hydrous ferric phosphate, related minerals: amorphous diadochite and triclinic destinezite.
  55. Demagistrisite (IMA2018-059) 09.B?.
    (IUPAC: barium dicalcium tetramanganese(III) decaoxotrisilicate heptaoxodisilicate tetrahydroxyl trihydrate)
  56. Demartinite (fluorosilicate: IMA2006-034) 03.CH.20
    (IUPAC: dipotassium hexafluorosilicate)
  57. Demesmaekerite (IMA1965-019) 04.JJ.20
    (IUPAC: dilead pentacopper diuranyl hexaselenate(IV) hexahydro dihydrate)
  58. Demicheleite 02.FC.25
    1. Demicheleite-(Br) (IMA2007-022) 02.FC.25
      (IUPAC: bismuth sulfide bromide)
    2. Demicheleite-(Cl) (IMA2008-020) 02.FC.25
      (IUPAC: bismuth sulfide chloride)
    3. Demicheleite-(I) (IMA2009-049) 02.FC.
      (IUPAC: bismuth sulfide iodide)
  59. Denisovite (IMA1982-031) 09.HA.85
  60. Denningite (IMA1967 s.p., 1963) 04.JK.30
  61. Depmeierite (cancrinite: IMA2009-075) 09.FB.05
  62. Derbylite (Y: 1897) 04.JB.55
  63. Derriksite (IMA1971-033) 04.JG.30
    (IUPAC: tetracopper uranyl diselenate(IV) hexahydro)
  64. Dervillite (IMA1983 s.p., 1941 Rd) 02.LA.10
    (IUPAC: disilver sulfarsenite)
  65. Desautelsite (hydrotalcite: IMA1978-016) 05.DA.50
  66. Descloizite (descloizite: 1854) 08.BH.40
    (IUPAC: lead zinc vanadate hydro)
  67. Despujolsite (fleischerite: IMA1967-039) 07.DF.25
  68. Dessauite-(Y) (crichtonite: IMA1994-057) 04.CC.40
  69. Destinezite (sanjuanite-destinezite: IMA2000-E, 1881 Rd) 08.DB.05
    Note: the triclinic counterpart of the amorphous diadochite.
  70. Deveroite-(Ce) (oxalate: IMA2013-003) 10.
    (IUPAC: dicerium trioxalate decahydrate)
  71. Devilline (devilline: IMA1971 s.p., 1864) 07.DD.30
    (IUPAC: calcium tetracopper disulfate hexahydro trihydrate)
  72. Devitoite (astrophyllite, devitoite: IMA2009-010) 09.E?.
  73. Dewindtite (phosphuranylite: 1922) 08.EC.10
    (IUPAC: dihydrogen trilead hexauranyl tetraoxo tetraphosphate dodecahydrate)
  74. Diaboleite (perovskite: IMA2007 s.p., 1923) 03.DB.05
    (IUPAC: copper dilead dichloride tetrahydro)
  75. Diadochite (amorphous: 1837) 08.DB.05
    Note: the amorphous form of triclinic destinezite.
  76. Diamond (Y: old) 01.CB.10a
  77. Diaoyudaoite (magnetoferrite: IMA1985-005) 04.CC.45
    (IUPAC: sodium undecaluminium heptadecaoxide)
  78. Diaphorite (Y: 1871) 02.JB.05
    (IUPAC: trisilver dilead triantimonide octasulfide)
  79. Diaspore ("O(OH)" group: 1801) 04.FD.10
    (IUPAC: hydroaluminium oxide)
  80. Dickinsonite-(KMnNa) (arrojadite: IMA2005-048, 1878) 08.BF.05
  81. Dickite (kaolinite: 1930) 09.ED.05
  82. Dickthomssenite (IMA2000-047) 04.HD.25
    (IUPAC: magnesium divanadium hexaoxide heptahydrate)
  83. Diegogattaite (IMA2012-096) 09.E
  84. Dienerite (IMA2019-E, IMA2006-C) 02.
  85. Dietrichite (halotrichite: 1878) 07.CB.85
    (IUPAC: zinc dialuminium tetrasulfate docosahydrate)
  86. Dietzeite (Y: 1894) 04.KD.05
    (IUPAC: dicalcium diiodate chromate monohydrate)
  87. Digenite (digenite: IMA1962 s.p., 1844) 02.BA.10
  88. Dimorphite (Y: 1849) 02.FA.10
    (IUPAC: tetrarsenic trisulfide)
  89. Dingdaohengite-(Ce) (chevkinite: IMA2005-014) 09.BE.70
  90. Dinite (Y: 1852) 10.BA.15
  91. Diopside (pyroxene: IMA1988 s.p., 1800) 09.DA.15
    (IUPAC: calcium magnesium hexaoxo disilicate)
  92. Dioptase (Y: 1797) 09.CJ.30
    (IUPAC: copper trioxo silicate monohydrate)
  93. Dioskouriite (IMA2015-106) 03.
    (IUPAC: calcium tetracopper hexachloride tetrahydro tetrahydrate)
  94. Direnzoite (zeolitic tectosilicate: IMA2006-044) 09.GF.55
  95. Dissakisite 09.BG.05b
    1. Dissakisite-(Ce) (epidote, allanite: IMA1990-004) 09.BG.05b
    2. Dissakisite-(La) (epidote, allanite: IMA2003-007) 09.BG.05
  96. Disulfodadsonite (dadsonite: IMA2011-076) 02.
  97. Dittmarite (Y: 1887) 08.CH.20
    (IUPAC: ammonium magnesium phosphate monohydrate)
  98. Diversilite-(Ce) (IMA2002-043) 09.CB.10
  99. Dixenite (hematolite: 1920) 08.BE.45
  100. Djerfisherite (djerfisherite: IMA1965-028) 02.FC.05
  101. Djurleite (IMA1967 s.p., 1962) 02.BA.05
    (IUPAC: hentricontacopper hexadecasulfide)
  102. Dmisokolovite (IMA2013-079) 08.
    (IUPAC: tripotassium pentacopper aluminium dioxotetrarsenate)
  103. Dmisteinbergite (dmisteinbergite: IMA1989-010) 09.EG.15
  104. Dmitryivanovite (IMA2006-035) 04.BC.10
    (IUPAC: calcium dialuminium tetraoxide)
  105. Dokuchaevite (IMA2018-012) 08.
    (IUPAC: octacopper dioxotrivanadate chloride)
  106. Dolerophanite (natrochalcite: 1873) 07.BB.20
    (IUPAC: dicopper oxosulfate)
  107. Dollaseite-(Ce) (epidote, dollaseite: IMA1987-K Rd) 09.BG.05
  108. Dolomite (Y: 1792) 05.AB.10
    (IUPAC: calcium magnesium dicarbonate)
  109. Doloresite (Y: 1957) 04.HE.30
    (IUPAC: trivanadium(IV) tetrahydro tetraoxide)
  110. Domerockite (IMA2009-016) 08.C
    (IUPAC: tetracopper arsenate hydroxoarsenate trihydro monohydrate)
  111. Domeykite (metalloid alloy: 1845) 02.AA.10b
    (IUPAC: tricopper arsenide)
    1. Domeykite-β (metalloid alloy: IMA2008-B, 1949 Rd) 2.AA.
  112. Donbassite (chlorite: 1940) 09.EC.55
  113. Donharrisite (IMA1987-007) 02.BD.20
    (IUPAC: trinickel trimercury nonasulfide)
  114. Donnayite-(Y) (IMA1978-007) 05.CC.05
    (IUPAC: sodium tristrontium calcium yttrium hexacarbonate trihydrate)
  115. Donpeacorite (pyroxene: IMA1982-045) 09.DA.05
    (IUPAC: (manganese(II),magnesium) hexaoxodisilicate)
  116. Donwilhelmsite (IMA2018-113) 09.
    (IUPAC: calcium tetraluminium undecaoxo disilicate)
  117. Dorallcharite (alunite, alunite: IMA1992-041) 07.BC.10
    (IUPAC: thallium triiron(III) disulfate hexahydro)
  118. Dorfmanite (IMA1979-053) 08.CJ.60
    (IUPAC: disodium hydroxophosphate dihydrate)
  119. Dorrite (sapphirine: IMA1987-054) 09.DH.40
  120. Douglasite (Y: 1880) 03.CJ.20
    (IUPAC: dipotassium iron(II) tetrachloride dihydrate)
  121. Dovyrenite (IMA2007-002) 09.BE.23
    (IUPAC: hexacalcium zirconium di(heptaoxodisilicate) tetrahydroxyl)
  122. Downeyite (IMA1974-063) 04.DE.05
    (IUPAC: selenium(IV) oxide)
  123. Doyleite (IMA1980-041) 04.FE.10
    (IUPAC: aluminium trihydroxide)
  124. Dozyite (corrensite: IMA1993-042) 09.EC.60
    A 1:1 regular interstratification of trioctahedral serpentine and trioctahedral chlorite units.
  125. Dravertite (IMA2014-104) 07.AB.
    (IUPAC: copper magnesium disulfate)
  126. Dravite (tourmaline: 1884) 09.CK.05
  127. Drechslerite (IMA2019-061) 02.
  128. Dresserite (dundasite: IMA1968-027) 05.DB.10
    (IUPAC: dibarium tetraluminium tetracarbonate octahydro trihydrate)
  129. Dreyerite (zircon: IMA1978-077) 08.AD.35
    (IUPAC: bismuth vanadate)
  130. Dritsite (hydrotalcite: IMA2019-017) 04.
  131. Drobecite (starkeyite: IMA2002-034) 07.CB.15
    (IUPAC: cadmium sulfate tetrahydrate)
  132. Droninoite (hydrotalcite: IMA2008-003) 03.DA.60
  133. Drugmanite (IMA1978-081) 08.BH.15
    (IUPAC: dilead iron(III) phosphate hydroxophosphate dihydro)
  134. Drysdallite (molybdenite: IMA1973-027) 02.EA.30
    (IUPAC: molybdenum diselenide)
  135. Dualite (eudialyte: IMA2005-019) 09.CO.10
  136. Dufrénite (dufrénite: 1803) 08.DK.15
  137. Dufrénoysite (sartorite: 1845) 02.HC.05d
    (IUPAC: dilead diarsenide pentasulfide)
  138. Duftite (adelite: 1920) 08.BH.35
    (IUPAC: lead copper arsenate hydro)
  139. Dugganite (dugganite: IMA1978-034) 08.DL.20
    (IUPAC: trilead trizinc tellurate diarsenate)
  140. Dukeite (IMA1999-021) 07.DF.80
  141. Dumontite (Y: 1924) 08.EC.15
    (IUPAC: dilead triuranyl dioxodiphosphate pentahydrate)
  142. Dumortierite (dumortierite: IMA2013 s.p., 1881 Rd) 09.AJ.10
    (IUPAC: aluminium hexaluminium octadecaoxo borotrisilicate)
  143. Dundasite (dundasite: 1894) 05.DB.10
    (IUPAC: lead dialuminium dicarbonate tetrahydro hydrate)
  144. Durangite (titanite: 1869) 08.BH.10
    (IUPAC: sodium aluminium fluo-arsenate)
  145. Duranusite (IMA1973-003) 02.FA.05
    (IUPAC: tetrarsenide sulfide)
  146. Dusmatovite (milarite: IMA1994-010) 09.CM.05
  147. Dussertite (alunite, crandallite: IMA1999 s.p., 1925 Rd) 08.BL.10
    (IUPAC: barium triiron(III) arsenate hydroxoarsenate hexahydro)
  148. Duttonite ("O(OH)" group: 1956) 04.HE.35
  149. Dwornikite (kieserite: IMA1981-031) 07.CB.05
    (IUPAC: nickel sulfate monohydrate)
  150. Dymkovite (seelite: IMA2010-087) 04.J?.
    (IUPAC: nickel diuranyl diarsenate(III) heptahydrate)
  151. Dypingite (IMA1970-011) 05.DA.05
    (IUPAC: pentamagnesium tetracarbonate dihydro pentahydrate)
  152. Dyrnaesite-(La) (vitusite: IMA2014-070) 08.
  153. Dyscrasite (allargentum: 1832) 02.AA.35
  154. Dzhalindite (perovskite, söhngeite: IMA1967 s.p., 1963) 04.FC.05
    (IUPAC: indium trihydroxide)
  155. Dzharkenite (pyrite: IMA1993-054) 02.EB.05a
    (IUPAC: iron diselenide)
  156. Dzhuluite (garnet: IMA2010-064) 04.
    (IUPAC: tricalcium (tin antimony) tri(iron(III) tetraoxide))
  157. Dzierżanowskite (IMA2014-032) 02.BA.
    (IUPAC: calcium dicopper disulfide)

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