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1. Brief Introduction

Roli Hazel Oburoh, at 23, has become one of the greatest writers in her time. She has often been compared to Emily Bronte, William Shakespeare and even Micheal Jackson for her exceptional and special talent. 

2. Major Publications

At Only 23 years old, she had published fourteen (14) books. Her works explore fiction. She has also explored her history knowledge prowess in some of her works as well as her love for art and creativity in her writing. Her book A Penny For A Tale, published by United States Publishing House Xlibris, an Imprint of Author Solutions, has been regarded as the first epistolary novel in WhatsApp format. Her books include

I Love You -God

 Her book I Love You-God is a 279 page  fiction that shows the different aspects of Love. The reader follows the story of Adetomiwa and Tomi interwoven with the love story of Frank and Fejiro.  The reader can see the complexities of Love as well as the poetic expression of God's Love and Love of God. 

Words Unspoken -

Her book Words Unspoken is a 235 page work of Fiction, it's a compilation of short stories, touching on sensitive issues like domestic violence and social segregation. It has not been officially released and the Author has set a futuristic release date for 2026. 

History Digest - 

Her book History Digest is a 246 page book that explores her history knowledge prowess. The reader is exposed to the harsh effect of colonization and the beauty of the precolonized Nigeria. 

Salient Point On CRS- 

Her book Salient Point on CRS points out certain confusions that exist in the Christian Religion. 

At The Crack Of Dawn - 

Her book At The Crack Of Dawn is a 735 page novel . The information of this book is currently unknown at the time of writing. 

Life Hack - 

The page number of her book Life Hack is unknown at the time of writing. However, it touches on more than forty (40) rules for power play and explores how to attain superiority. 

The Rule Of Bastards - 

The page number of her book The Rule of Bastards is unknown as well as the details of the book as the book is yet to be released and has only been teased on the internet. 

Menorah - 

The page number of her book Menorah is unknown as well as the details of the book. It is yet to be released and has only been teased on the internet. 

For Her 

Her book For Her is a compilation of poetry by renowned poets, duely acknowledged and poems by her in support of femininity. 


Her book #theydontreallycare is a pamphlet in promotion of Anti - bullying, it stands against bullying tactics either subtle or outright. 

Compilation of poetry

Her book Compilation of poetry  features different poems from renowned poets duely acknowledged as well as her poems touching on various topics. 

Research Work On Human Trafficking - 

The young writer has always been passionate about a more steady society and fighting against penury and In a sincere space the injustice caused by it. It's no surprise she explored the ills of human trafficking noting poverty as a major cause. 

A Penny For A Tale - 

Her book A Penny for a tale is a coming of age novel. The reader follows the story through the conversations of the characters on WhatsApp. The readers are made privy to their gossips and harsh bullying on group chats which includes pictures as if they were looking at their phones. The readers are introduced to Ben popularly called BennyMoney among his peers and his love story with the female protagonist who endures much social media bullying. 

Compilation Of Essays - 

Her book on compilation of Essays covers numerous write-up on different subjects. 

On August 10th, 2021, she engaged in an online campaign and partnership in support of Anti - bullying resulting in an online sale of One billion copies of A Penny For A Tale. In February 2022, she achieved 300 million reads for her book A Penny For A Tale

Her Short Stories Include -

My Heart, a poetry

Under the beauty pressure, a poetic fiction

Diary of a Christian girl (16 years old)

Who is a Friend? 

My Philosophical view on Freedom

Letter to my Jewel of Inestimable value

My Hosea, a poetry

A girl's interest

Misconceptions of God

He loves to be Chased 

The best love story that was never mine 

Love Dance. 

Her most recent short story "On the other side" has eight thousand reads as of the time of this publication. 

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