Youth's Vision:Significance of China's Development to the World: Comparison
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As young people in Africa, we hope to make use of China's development experience and achievements, strive to develop Africa, catch up with the pace of world development, and promote China-Africa friendship.

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1. Traditional friendship between China and Africa

Although China and Africa are separated by thousands of mountains and rivers, the friendly exchanges between the Chinese and African peoples have a long history. With the birth of new China and the successive independence of African countries, the people of China and African countries have become friends sharing weal and woe through mutual support. Since the founding of new China, China's relations with African countries have experienced development and consolidation for more than half a century, forming a new type of state-to-state relations of sharing weal and woe, sincere friendship, equality, and mutual benefit, and comprehensive cooperation. The new strategic partnership forged by China and Africa is based on equality, mutual respect, mutual trust, mutual assistance, and mutual understanding, which is conducive to world peace and stability.

2.  The foundation of China Africa Cooperation

With China's one belt, one road construction, China and African countries have more frequent exchanges and have more close cooperation in the political, economic, cultural, and health fields. China and Africa will also have mutual needs for a long time. Politically, China is the largest developing country, and Africa is the continent with the largest concentration of developing countries. This basic attribute of both sides determines the necessity of political interdependence and support between China and Africa. Economically, China and Africa have strong complementarity and broad prospects for cooperation. Africa has a vast territory and rich natural resources and has great market potential. It is of great significance for China to realize market diversification and sustainable development. At the same time, China's technology and products are suitable for the African market. China's successful experience in solving the problem of food and reform and opening up has a strong attraction to Africa. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is still rampaging around the world. In the face of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, China has been helping promptly to help African countries and send medical personnel and medical materials to many African countries. The COVID-19 is still in the world. The concept of sharing destiny and fighting the epidemic hand in hand has been implemented with practical actions, which has won high praise from many African countries. Facts have proved that mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Africa can benefit both sides and will become an important part of South-South cooperation.

3. Cooperation and development between China and Africa

Building one belt, one road, and another side is in a new historical opportunity. Since the new century, the good performance of Africa's economic development, the overall stable security situation, the huge demographic dividend, the rapid urbanization process, global population mobility, and the new industrial revolution have made Africa's development prospects predictable. One belt, one road, China Africa, has provided great potential for development. At the same time, China's Africa cooperation is also facing severe risk pressure. One belt, one road to Africa, is the other country. The African countries' external debt rate has generally risen, the depreciation of their currencies has accelerated, economic policies are uncertain, terrorist threats are being normalized locally, and the competition of big countries has intensified. How to seize opportunities, properly manage and control risks and turn the potential of cooperation into a sustainable driving force for China Africa cooperation is a strategic topic we must consider. One belt, one road one belt, one road ahead, should be carefully considered in the past, based on the experience of Sino African cooperation, and the integration of "one belt and one road" will be integrated into the process of Africa's independent development. . The future China - Africa countries relations are full of opportunities and challenges. The two sides should strengthen cooperation and jointly meet challenges [1].

4. Digital collaboration between China and Africa for young people

Regarding Sino-African youth cooperation, there is one more important point worth thinking about. That is, we should try our best to avoid stereotypes and promote cross-cultural exchanges and mutual understanding among Chinese and African youths, which will help build a stronger and purer Sino-African friendship.

Africa has a lot of empty, fertile, and affordable land. The implementation of digital agriculture in Africa is a fruitful and sustainable business opportunity for the youth of China and Africa. Specifically, if we can act as a team with a common goal, African youth can provide land, and Chinese youth can implement digital agriculture. This will increase agricultural productivity, which will help provide clean and affordable food for millions of people.

China is manufacturing a large number of medical equipment and new smart medical equipment that need to be sold. Many African countries have relatively poor healthcare systems. Therefore, young Africans can help Chinese medical companies and research institutions connect with local hospitals in African countries. This will help improve the efficiency of African countries' healthcare systems, and at the same time provide new markets for Chinese medical products.

Africa is the continent with the youngest population in the world. In addition, labor in Africa is very cheap. Besides, African countries have large quantities of raw materials needed for manufacturing. Therefore, young Africans can help Chinese companies set up factories in Africa. This will increase the income of Chinese companies and at the same time provide employment opportunities for young Africans.

5. African youth's "Chinese dream"

In recent years, Chinese enterprises have actively participated in infrastructure construction in Africa and implemented a large number of major projects in rail transit, ports, aviation, power, and other fields, driving China's technology, equipment, standards, and services into Africa. Chinese enterprises are helping African countries realize their dreams. They are attracting outstanding young people from African countries to submit "business plans", and more and more African young people are also coming to China to start businesses. African youth are also realizing the "Chinese dream". African students sell batches of African coffee and leather products to China, and Chinese machinery and electronic products are also brought to Africa. China has given a lot of help to African countries in innovation and entrepreneurship. Since 2018, China has set up 120 Luban workshops in Africa every year to provide vocational skills training to African youth. China supports the establishment of a China-Africa Innovation Cooperation center aimed at promoting youth innovation and entrepreneurship cooperation. [2] Many African countries have already set up such centers. We will implement the "Head Wild Goose Program" to train 1,000 African talents. China will provide Africa with 50,000 government scholarships, provide Africa with 50,000 study and training opportunities, and invite 2,000 Young Africans to China for exchanges. These policies also provide valuable growth opportunities for young people in African countries.

Youth is the future of the nation, and the youth is the future of China- Africa friendship. At the same time, we must remember and respect the rules of win-win cooperation and mutual respect among our country’s leaders.


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