Finite Element Analysis in Implantology history
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Dental implants remain an important treatment option for the replacement of a missing tooth or teeth, as the success rate approximates 90% [1]. Osseointegration is a necessary requirement for the treatment modality [2], but may be jeopardized by peri-implantitis, which is a pathological cause of bone loss [3]. Peri-implantitis may result from several factors [3], including a poor implant-abutment interface, which could act as a facilitating factor in some cases. In this sense, the Finite Element Analysis is a reliable tool that can provide usefull biomechanical aspects of this dental treatment, without harming animals and humans [4]. Despite the widely aplicability of this numerical method, the boundary conditions and mechanical properties should be properly informed during the results calculation to avoid erroneous conclusions [5]. Follow the present video abstract to observe one of the many possible study development using the reported method.


The entry is from 10.3390/oral1020009


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