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Possible research areas on Palm wine


There's lot to do on this subject matter. I would like to know what type of sugar constitute palm wine. 

Is it possible to understudy palm wine drinkers to access the health impact?

I am assuming natural sugar is produced during the fermentation process, can this be harmful compared to synthetic sugar?

Palm wine Metagenomics should provide more insights into the key microorganisms players 

Suitability of Palm wine as a Multi Functional Beverage


Very well written and though provoking research article. 

Efficacy of probiotic activity of palm wine at different stages of fermentation


Many opinions suggest that palm wine is suitable to be called a functional drink judging from its content. However, biochemical changes occur rapidly in the palm wine during storage which is likely to affect the composition of the palm wine. Hence, the contributory factors to these changes and their effect on the beverage at various stages of fermentation requires understanding. This will enable the best stage to maximize its functionality and ensure the stability of that stage. This author has laid the basis for further work on palm wine as a multi-functional beverage.

Anti-antioxidant property of palmwine


It has been widely acknowledged that palm wine possesses an array of natural antioxidants, however, this article points out the anti-antioxidant potentials of palm wine. Please kindly give more clarifications to this biochemical property of palm wine .