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Industrial Applications of Software Design Patterns
Academic Editor: Ian Bayley
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Updated time: 23 Mar 2021
Submitted by: Lukasz Stawinski
Definition: Hydraulic actuators are elements converting the energy of the working fluid into mechanical energy related to the reciprocating motion. The most frequently applied materials used in power hydraulics are described, and various surface modifications of the discussed elements, which are aimed at improving the operating parameters of actuators, are presented. The most frequently used materials for actuators elements are iron alloys. However, due to rising ecological requirements, there is a tendency to looking for modern replacements to obtain the same or even better mechanical or tribological parameters. Sealing systems are manufactured mainly from thermoplastic or elastomeric polymers, which are characterized by low friction and ensure the best possible interaction of seals with the cooperating element. In the field of surface modification, among others, the issue of chromium plating of piston rods has been discussed, which, due, to the toxicity of hexavalent chromium, should be replaced by other methods of improving surface properties.
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Updated time: 06 Jun 2021
Submitted by: Ajit Singh
Definition: Big data is growing so fast that current storage technologies and analytical tools are gradually feeling their inefficiencies not only to store and manage the valuable data but also to take full advantages of the opportunities and business insights that enormous data can offer. Since 2014, the concept of a data lake is increasingly becoming a popular solution among information leaders and big data-driven companies to deal with the challenges that brought about by big data. However, due to lacking of enough established best practices or related theories, some practitioners are still being kept outside the gate to a less risky implementation of a data lake. Besides, practitioners can hardly find any references which are free of bias, such as academic researches or reports, and are hardly able to support them with the reality of building a data lake at preset from an independent perspective.
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Updated time: 08 Apr 2021
Submitted by: Labonnah Rahman
Definition: CP design topologies have been analyzed with different design and process schemes in the last decades .
Topic review
Updated time: 07 Jun 2021
Submitted by: Prince Ameyaw
Definition: Land acquisition in Ghana is fraught with challenges of multiple sales, numerous unofficial charges, unnecessary bureaucracies, intrusion of unqualified middlemen, and lack of transparency among others. Studies have suggested digitization as a way forward to improve Ghana’s land management system and to address these acquisition challenges. However, none of these studies have specifically provided a clear conceptual digital framework for land acquisition. This article applies an integrative review, mixed with strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis, and deductive lessons from a digital land registry concept to develop a blockchain-based smart land acquisition framework solution in view of Ghana’s land acquisition challenges