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Sustainable and Resource – Efficient Homes and Communities
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Updated time: 26 Jul 2021
Submitted by: Nabil Khalid
Definition: Wireless sensors are becoming increasingly popular in the home and industrial sectors and are used for a range of applications, from temperature or humidity monitoring to food-quality inspection of products being sold on the market. One of the main reasons for using wireless technology is that it affords non-contact, non-invasive sensing. This ability eliminates the need for long cables required for information transfer and reduces the spread of germs and brings comfort to the users.
Topic review
Updated time: 19 Jul 2021
Submitted by: Joash Mageto
Definition: Sustainable supply chain management (SSCM) has received much attention in the decade ending in 2020 due to an increased awareness of climate change and environmental and social issues across the globe. SSCM requires firms across a supply chain to report not only on profits but also on environmental and social performance. SSCM can be improved by utilizing big data analytics, as such, the paper investigated how big data analytics can be used to enhance SSCM practices in manufacturing supply chains
Topic review
Updated time: 01 Jul 2021
Submitted by: Songping Zhu
Definition: Macro control refers to the adjustment and control of the whole social economy in order to promote the development of the market and standardize the operation of the market. Output growth and technological progress show the performance of economic growth in gross and efficiency, respectively, which is the external performance and internal driving force of economic growth. To achieve long-term sustainable economic development, it is necessary to consider both the aggregate problem and technological progress. In this context, we attempts to explore the effectiveness of China’s macroeconomic regulation and control policy on output growth and technological progress under the economic policy uncertainty. Specifically, this paper analyzes the effectiveness of macroeconomic regulation and control policy on China’s output growth and technological progress in an uncertain environment, and then makes an empirical study by constructing a time-varying parameter vector autoregression model (TVP-VAR). Furthermore, the simulation test of the relevant results is carried out using the counter-fact analysis method.
Topic review
Updated time: 16 Jul 2021
Submitted by: Moiz Masood Syed
Definition: Renewable energy systems in the form of community microgrids, and grid-connected solar PV-storage are considered primary solutions for powering residential developments. The primary objectives for commissioning such systems include significant electricity cost reductions and carbon emissions abatement. Despite the proliferation of renewables, the uptake of solar and battery storage systems in communities and multi-residential buildings are less researched in the literature, and many uncertainties remain in terms of providing an optimal solution.
Updated time: 21 Jul 2021
Submitted by: František Wald
Abstract: The block shear failure was reported firstly in 1978 for joints with not optimal geometry from an internal forces point of view. The test results proved the potential failure mode of tearing out in the web of the beam. Several studies concerning block shear failure were published in the last twenty years predicting the block shear capacity as a combination of fracture on the tension and shear plane. Block shear rupture is the potential failure mode for gusset plates, fin plates, coped beams, single/double angles and tee connections, where significant tension/shear forces are present.
Topic review
Updated time: 13 Apr 2021
Submitted by: I. M. Rizwanul Fattah
Definition: Compression ignition engines play a significant role in the development of a country. They are widely used due to their innate properties such as high efficiency, high power output, and durability. However, they are considered one of the key contributors to transport-related emissions and have recently been identified as carcinogenic. Thus, it is important to modify the designs and processes before, during, and after combustion to reduce the emissions to meet the strict emission regulations.
Topic review
Updated time: 05 Jul 2021
Submitted by: Walid Issa
Definition: The energy performance of semi-transparent Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), in a variety of climatic and environmental conditions, is the subject of interest in this review.
Updated time: 05 Jul 2021
Submitted by: Muhammad Tanveer
Abstract: The attainment of brand loyalty is based on programs related to the corporate marketing. Typically, brand loyalty is reflected in how customers evaluate the company’s outlook towards the product evaluation and consumer-brand relations. A company’s ethical marketing practices affect the daily routine of consumer activity. Every company’s ethical marketing practices are closely related to the purchase of products or services, regardless of whether it is conscious of consumer purchasing power strengths and weaknesses. The importance of ethics in the advancement of business sustainability, and general marketing issues (including product safety, price tags and advertising) has duly been recognized by corporate managers and vendors. As an outcome, an economic behavior, whether ethical or non-ethical, is inherently linked with a company’s overall reputation and assessment, and stresses the fundamental factors in keeping the company competitive on the market. Ethical marketing practice plays a significant role in improving consumer-firm ties, product assessment, and brand loyalty.
Topic review
Updated time: 15 Apr 2021
Submitted by: Nikos Krigas
Definition: From an ornamental viewpoint, tulips are famous clonally propagated crops. This research focuses on 15 wild-growing Greek tulip species including 11 range-restricted species, i.e., six Greek endemics and five Balkan or Aegean endemics and subendemics, among which seven are currently threatened with extinction (two Critically Endangered, three Endangered and two Vulnerable). The results of this study on the Greek tulips showed that there are both well-established value chains and gaps in the market regarding the “botanical tulips” of Greece.
Topic review
Updated time: 17 May 2021
Submitted by: Georg Jäger
Definition: The concept of a Green Wave, i.e., the coordinated switching of traffic lights in order to favor a single direction and reduce congestion, is often discussed as a simple mechanism to avoid breaking and accelerating, thereby reducing fuel consumption. On the other hand, making car use more attractive might also increase emissions.
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