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Types of Aluminium Matrix Composites
Al alloy has very attractive properties required in the production of aerospace, automotive, electrical and electronic, sports and recreational components/equipment. Its low strength and low wear resistance have challenged its applications in some other critical industrial utilities. Nonetheless, the invention of metal composites has removed such barriers. The addition of one or more reinforcements to Al has helped in the creation of aluminium matrix composites (AMCs), which has not only increased the global utilization of Al alloy, but has been a major source of global revenue and job. 
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  • 20 Oct 2022
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Tool Wear Suppression Methods of Diamond-cutting Ferrous Metals
This entry introduces some common tool wear suppression methods of diamond-cutting ferrous metals.
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  • 30 Oct 2020
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The Truck Appointment Scheduling Problem
Scheduling the arrival of external trucks in container terminals is a critical operational decision that faces both terminal managers and trucking companies. This issue is crucial for both stakeholders since the random arrival of trucks causes congestion in the terminals and extended delays for the trucks.
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  • 29 Jul 2022
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The Heat Rate of Thermal Power Plants
Rapid industrialization and the increased use of consumer electronic goods have increased the demand for energy. To meet the increasing energy demand, global nations are looking for energy from renewable sources rather than non-renewable sources, to adhere with the sustainability principle. As energy from renewable sources is still in the experimental stage, there is a need to use available energy sources optimally.
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  • 12 Apr 2022
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The Green Supply Chain Management
Green supply chain management (GSCM) involves environmental concerns in supply chain activities to minimize ecological impacts. The aim of GSCM is to find a balance between economic and environmental activities. GSCM deals with the concept of sustainability of the entire supply chain network along with providing green products or services to customers.
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  • 25 Oct 2022
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Textile Development of Czech Republic
The textile branch includes mainly the processing of textile fibers, the production of yarns and various fabrics (fabrics, knitwear nonwovens and nano assmblies) and their use for clothing purposes and technical applications. This branch belonged, belongs and will probably continue to belong to fields using new technical solutions very quickly.The major factors involved in developement of textile branch are discussed.
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  • 28 Oct 2021
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Systems Thinking
Systems thinking is an evolving field, and there is growing demand to integrate systems thinking into many fields. As this demand increases, so does the need for and importance of identifying systems thinkers.
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  • 16 May 2022
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Sustainable Supply Chain
Supply chain sustainability (SCS) in the age of Industry 4.0 and Big Data is a growing area of research. However, there are no systematic and extensive studies that classify the different types of research and examine the general trends in this area of research. This paper reviews the literature on sustainability, Big Data, Industry 4.0 and supply chain management published since 2009 and provides a thorough insight into the field by using bibliometric and network analysis techniques. A total of 87 articles published in the past 10 years were evaluated and the top contributing authors, countries, and key research topics were identified. Furthermore, the most influential works based on citations and PageRank were obtained and compared. Finally, six research categories were proposed in which scholars could be encouraged to expand Big Data and Industry 4.0 research on SCS. This paper contributes to the literature on SCS in the age of Industry 4.0 by discussing the challenges facing current research but also, more importantly, by identifying and proposing these six research categories and future research directions.
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  • 06 Jun 2021
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Sustainable Manufacturing 4.0
The manufacturing industry has undergone numerous revolutions over the years, with a unanimous acceptance of the greater benefits of being sustainable. The present industrial wave—Industry 4.0—by using its enabling technologies and principles holds great potential to develop sustainable manufacturing paradigms which require balancing out the three fundamental elements—products, processes, and systems. Yet, numerous stakeholders, including industrial policy and decision makers, remain oblivious of such potential and requirements. Thus, this bibliometric study is aimed at presenting an overview of the broad field of research on the convergence of sustainable manufacturing and Industry 4.0 under the umbrella of “Sustainable Manufacturing 4.0”, which has yet to be developed. 
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  • 17 Jan 2022
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Sustainable Human-Robot Collaboration System in Mold Assembly
Molds are still assembled manually because of frequent demand changes and the requirement for comprehensive knowledge related to their high flexibility and adaptability in operation. Human-robot collaboration (HRC) systems can be applied to improve manual mold assembly. A status recognition system based on parts, tools, and actions using a pre-trained YOLOv5 model is developed. This study improves the sustainability of the mold assembly from the point of view of human safety, with reductions in human workload and assembly time.
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  • 12 Jan 2022
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