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Nikolay K. Vitanov

Short biography of Prof. Nikolay K. Vitanov, specialist in Applied Mathematics from Bulgaria.

  • Nikolay K. Vitanov, applied mathematics

Prof. Nikolay K. Vitanov is full professor in mathematics at the Institute of Mechanics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He  has Ph. D. on nonlinear waves in Josephson junctions from the University of Sofia, Bulgaria,   Ph. D. degre in fluid mechanics from the University of Bayreuth, Germany, and D. Sc. in theory of turbulence from the Institute of Mechanics of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Up to now prof. Vitanov has about 200 publications. His main research achievements are: methodology for obtaining exact solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations (SEsM - Simple Equations Method which has MMSE (Modified Method of Simplest Equation as particular case)), numerous classes of probability distributions arising in the theory of flow of substance in channels of networks, numerous estimations of upper bounds on quantities such as heat transport in turbulent thermal convection and a book on mathematical models in the area of dynamics of research systems and assessment of research production. Prof. Vitanov was Vice-Director of the Institute of Mechanics of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (2010 - 2018), Head of Department of Fluid Mechanics of the Institute of Mechanics (2015 -) and Vice-Chairman of the Commission for Assessment of Research of Universities and Research Institutions of the Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Bulgaria (2016-).


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