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Tomislav Malvić

Tomislav Malvić

Scientific area: Natural Sciences
Scientific field: Earth Sciences
Academic degree: Full professor

Institution: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mining-Geology and Petroleum Engineering

  • Geology
  • Geomathemtics

(9/1995): Graduated on the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering in Zagreb and started to work as researching and teaching assistant in Department of Geology and Geological Engineering on the Faculty. First project where he was engaged was Deep geological settings and neotectonic relations in Croatia (Prof. Dr. Eduard Prelogović), and later Deep geological and geohazardous researching in Croatia (Prof. Dr. Josipa Velić). He was assisted in practical part of subjects (Prof. Dr. Zvonimir Hernitz): Geology of Fossil Fuels, Geology of Fluid Reservoirs and Subsurface Mapping. Aslo was engaged in different petroleum geological researchings in the Croatian part of Pannonian Basin System. Results had been published in master and doctoral thesis and several papers. (8/2002): Joined to Team for geological development in Development Department in INA Plc. as the specialist for geostatistics. He was responsible for statistical, geostatistical and stochastical analyses applied on the oil and gas fields geological model (in development stage). Published numerous scientific and professional papers from geostatistics. Collaborated on the projects funded by Ministry of Science Contribution of stratigraphic and statistical methods in petroleum geology (Prof. Dr. Josipa Velić). From 8/2005 he was promoted in expert and from 2007 in advisor in the development dept. Mostly was engaged in analyses of geomathematical problems applied on development of hydrocarbon reservoirs. Work as internal reviewer of studies on reserves and consult from all field of petroleum geology where he is experienced. From academic year 2007/2008 he is visiting lecturer on the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering in Zagreb. In 2009 he is promoted in research associate, in 2013 in senior researcher associate, and few months later into senior researcher as well as associate professor. Up to now he successfully co-mentored 3 doctoral, i.e., in total, 28 evaluation theses of different levels. He reviewed several dozen papers and studies. Received Publons (Clarivate Analytics) annual award for top 1 percent reviewers in cross-field for period 9/2018-9/2019. He got numerous awards in the Croatian Geological Society (section medal and 6 annual awards), Croatian innovation exhibition (2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze, 1 special gold award), several recognitions and thank notes (CGS, Croatian geological summer school, university/faculty). From 2016 he works at the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering, University of Zagreb, as tenure track, full-time Assoc. Professor, and from 10th April 2018 as Full Professor. He led and leads numerous academic projects, funded from university or faculty. Currently is Editor in Chief of the Croatian scientific journal “RGN zbornik”. Until 2/2021 he authored 6 books, edited 12 books, published 6 chapters and 143 journal papers.





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