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    Encyclopedia Credit Point System

    Catherine Yang submitted at 20 Feb 2021

    Credit point system is a reward system to all users of Encyclopedia platform which has been released online since December 2020. Users can get credit points through a series of activities on the encyclopedia platform, and credit points can be accumulated to exchange for vouchers that can be used in MDPI related service.

    1. The aim of credit point system

    The purpose of the credit points is to reward users for their contributions and activities in the Encyclopedia platform.

    2. How to get credit points

    Scholars can get points in the following activities:

    1. Creating a qualified entry, then all participants will get points.
    2. Users will get points after browsing other authors' entries.
    3. Making high-quality comments on other authors' entries will get points.
    4. Recommending high-quality entries from the Encyclopedia platform to others will get points.

    3. How to use vouchers

    Voucher exchange: Users can redeem points for vouchers via profile: “user menu”–“statistical information”–“point information”. Enter the number of vouchers you want to redeem and click exchange to redeem.

    Voucher function: The redeemed MDPI vouchers can be used in the following area:

    1. MDPI journals article processing charge
    2. MDPI book processing charge

    4. Prohibition:

    1. Cheating or obtaining points by any means other than those outlined is not allowed. Manager has the right to cancel voucher code in this case.
    2. Encyclopedia does not welcome any form of immature, illegal, violent, pornographic, or advertising content.

    5. Tips

    Term of validity: Vouchers will expire after two natural years. At the end of the year, credit points that have existed for longer than one year will be cleared. For example, credit points gained in June 2020 will be cleared after 31 Dec 2021.

    Points ownership: Points can only be redeemed for vouchers through the account with which they have been earned. For example, if users have earned enough points on account A, when they redeem vouchers, users can only redeem them with account A. Points cannot be translated between different people.

    Finally, the Encyclopedia platform reserves all the rights for final explanation.