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    Encyclopedia Outstanding Contributor Award 2021

    Submitted at 20 Feb 2021

    Encyclopedia Outstanding Contributor Award 2021 is open for application now. We will award the top one contributor on this platform in 2021. The winners will receive an official certificate and a cash award of 500 CHF or discount voucher of 800 CHF.

    Dear Colleagues,

    We are pleased to announce that Encyclopedia will be awarding three researchers with Outstanding Contributor Awards. These prizes will be given to the top one contributor to the Encyclopedia platform and Encyclopedia journal in 2021. All contributors will be selected after a thorough evaluation by the journal award committee, led by the Editor-in-Chief, and the winners will be announced in January 2022.   

    Eligibility for the Awards

    To be eligible, contributors must meet the following criteria:

    1. Contributors must have published at least two qualified entries on the Encyclopedia platform in 2021 with sufficiently detailed comments from senior scientists;

    2. Contributors must have published at least one qualified entry papers in the Encyclopedia journal in 2021.

    Selection Criteria

    The contributors will be selected by the Encyclopedia journal award committee according to the following criteria:

    • The quantity and quality of entries/entry papers contributed;

    • Scientific merit and broad impact;

    • View, citation, and download rates in 2021.

    Application Deadline

    31 December 2021

    Please send your applications to our office before the deadline:

    The Prize

    Each winner will receive a cash award of 500 CHF or a discount voucher of 800 CHF that can be applied to any MDPI journal. Each winner will also receive a certificate.

    The winners will be announced on the journal website in January 2022.