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    Roman Lesyk

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    The biography and achievements of Professor Roman Lesyk are presented. Professor Roman Lesyk is a Ukrainian scientist working in the field of synthesis of new biologically active compounds as potential drugs.

    Roman Lesyk was born in Stary Sambir, Lviv region, Ukraine, in 1968. He earned his PhD in 1996 and got the habilitation for professorship in 2005 in the field of medicinal chemistry of 4-thiazolidinone derivatives. He is a professor of pharmaceutical/medicinal chemistry in Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University. During 2004-2014 occupied Pharmaceutical faculty dean’s position, since 2015 – Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical, Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry.

    His research interests center around sulfur- and nitrogen-containing heterocyclic cores within structure-based drug design, especially in the area of medicinal chemistry of anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antitrypanosomal, antituberculosis and antimicrobial agents.[1][2] Synthetic directions cover development of complex heterocyclic systems based on 4-thiazolidone scaffolds. Professor Roman Lesyk is an аuthor of more than 350 scientific papers, 50 patents and 400 conference and workshops communications, co-author of the book “Pharmaceutical Chemistry” (in Ukrainian) and monograph “Thiazolidones-4. Chemistry, physiological action and perspectives” (in Ukrainian). He is a member of Editorial Boards of “Farmacja Wspolczesna” (Poland), «Current Issues in Pharmacy and Medical Sciences» (Poland), “International Scholarly Research Notices” (USA), «Scientia Pharmaceutica» (Austria, MDPI), “Sci” (Switzerland, MDPI), “Current Bioactive Compounds” (Bentham Science), “Mini-Reviews in Organic Chemistry” (Bentham Science), “Biopolymers and Cell” (Ukraine), “Chemistry & Chemical Technology” (Ukraine), “Journal of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry” (Ukraine), “Acta Medica Leopoliensia” (Ukraine), “Pharmaceutical Review” (Ukraine). He was a Guest Editor of Special Issues of "Scientia Pharmaceutica" (MDPI): “Medicinal Chemistry. Aza-Heterocycles Motifs in Structure Based Drug Design” (2017-2018) and “Heterocyclic Chemistry in Drug Design” (2018-2019).

    Roman Lesyk is a honorary member of I. Tarkhan-Mouravi Association of Radiobiology and Radiation Protection (Georgia, 2018), Doctor honoris causa of Poznan University of Medical Sciences (Poznań, Poland, 2019), Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology (Ukraine, 2019).


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