NIQI - Novel Interesting Quadruplex Interaction Motif

Created by: Martin Bartas

Most of characterized human G-quadruplex binding proteins share a 20 amino acid long motif (RGRGR GRGGG SGGSG GRGRG) which was called NIQI (Novel Interesting Quadruplex Interaction motif).


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NIQI motif

NIQI is comprised mainly from glycine and arginine amino acid residues. Based on this protein fingerprint, a new set of potential G-quadruplex binding proteins sharing this interesting domain rich in glycine and arginine residues  was predicted[1]. It will contribute to the identification and subsequent in vitro characterization of novel G-quadruplex binding proteins, which may play an important role in severe human diseases.


  1. Václav Brázda; Jiří Červeň; Martin Bartas; Nikol Mikysková; Jan Coufal; Petr Pečinka; The Amino Acid Composition of Quadruplex Binding Proteins Reveals a Shared Motif and Predicts New Potential Quadruplex Interactors. Molecules 2018, 23, 2341, 10.3390/molecules23092341.

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