NIQI - Novel Interesting Quadruplex Interaction Motif

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Submitted by: Martin Bartas


Most of characterized human G-quadruplex binding proteins share a 20 amino acid long motif (RGRGR GRGGG SGGSG GRGRG) which was called NIQI (Novel Interesting Quadruplex Interaction motif).


NIQI motif

NIQI is comprised mainly from glycine and arginine amino acid residues. Based on this protein fingerprint, a new set of potential G-quadruplex binding proteins sharing this interesting domain rich in glycine and arginine residues  was predicted[1]. It will contribute to the identification and subsequent in vitro characterization of novel G-quadruplex binding proteins, which may play an important role in severe human diseases.


  1. Václav Brázda; Jiří Červeň; Martin Bartas; Nikol Mikysková; Jan Coufal; Petr Pečinka; The Amino Acid Composition of Quadruplex Binding Proteins Reveals a Shared Motif and Predicts New Potential Quadruplex Interactors. Molecules 2018, 23, 2341, 10.3390/molecules23092341.

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