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    Toshifumi Dohi

    Subjects: Chemistry, Organic
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    Submitted by: Toshifumi Dohi


    Toshifumi Dohi (TD), a Professor at Ritsumeikan University.

    Professor Toshifumi Dohi (TD) received his MS degree in 2002 from the Graduate School of Engineering of Osaka University, Japan, and PhD in 2005 from the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Osaka University, where he studied new reactivities of transition metal catalysts and synthetic chemistry using hypervalent iodine reagents. After finishing PhD work, he subsequently became Assistant Professor at Osaka University, and was promoted to Associate Professor (PI) in 2014 at Ritsumeikan University. His current research interest is focused on reagent/catalyst design and development of new reactions using hypervalent iodine reagents. T.D. received the IUPAC-ICOS 15 Poster Award for most excellent presentation, the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan (PSJ) Award for Young Scientists (2009), Banyu Chemist Award (2013), Thieme Chemistry Journal Award (2014), GSC Encouragement Award (2015), and International Congress on Pure & Applied Chemistry (ICPAC) Lecture Award (2019) on his researches. For more details, see: http://www.ritsumei.ac.jp/pharmacy/dohi/ at this homepage.