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    Nitric Oxide impacts prostate cancer

    Subjects: Molecular Biology
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    Submitted by: Camila Xu


    Nitric oxide (NO), a gaseous free radical, is one of the ten smallest molecules found in nature. Although toxic, it is recognized to be a gasotransmitter that plays multiple roles in normal physiology. NO regulates vascular relaxation, controls inflammation, and suppresses expression of pro-inflammatory mediators in mast cells, macrophages, vascular smooth muscles, affects metabolism, insulin resistance, and has a role in type-2 diabetes. In this video, Dr. Sharon Glynn shares her presentation of "Influence of nitric oxide on prostate cancer initiation and progression".


    Dr. Sharon Glynn

    Discipline of Pathology, Lambe Institute for Translational Research, School of Medicine, National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland