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    Graciana Puentes

    Subjects: Optics
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    Personal biography of Dr. Graciana Puentes

    Short Biography

    Graciana Puentes completed her a PhD degree in Physics (Summa Cum Laude) at Leiden University (NL), in 2007. Her thesis examined quantum scattering phenomena in photonic systems. Upon graduation, she was appointed  Research Fellow at University of Oxford (UK), and the Institute of Photonic Science (ICFO, Barcelona). She was an Oxford Trinity College Fellow (UK), a Marie-Curie COFUND Fellow (SP), an ICFONest Fellow (SP), and a Senior Research Fellow at Philips Research (NL). Since 2014 she holds an Independent Senior Researcher position at the National Research Council (CONICET-Argentina). In 2018, she was appointed Associate Professor at University Paris-Saclay (FR). In 2019, she was elected Chair of OSA Quantum Optical Science and Technology Technical Group. In 2020, she was elcted ERA Chair in Quantum Optics and Photonics by Horizon 2020. Her research interests focus on quantum photonics and quantum technologies. Her research work is documented in over 40 publications in top peer-reviewed scientific journals, 3 patents, 2 book chapters, 10 Invention Disclosures and more than 30 conference proceedings.

    Major Scientific Contribution

    • Built confocal microscope/observed Nitrogen-Vacancy Center fluorescence for the first time in Latin America (AR) 
    • Initiated novel research line on Optical Switches based on Spin Hall effect highlighted as OL Editors pick (AR/FR) 
    • Initiated novel research line on Photonic Quantum Walks and Topology highlighted as Cover Story (GE/AR)
    • Successful record of 4 funded projects as PI, one of them equivalent ERC Starting Grant at UBA (AR)   
    • Initiated a research line on Adaptive Optics for Assisted Vision at Philips Research documented in Patents (NL) 
    • Initiated a novel research line on Quantum Magnetometry via Compressed Sensing at MPI Stuttgart (GE) 
    • Initiated novel research line on OAM of light in Quantum Weak Measurements at ICFO Barcelona (SP) 
    • Designed a novel quantum detector with photon number resolution and phase sensitivity at Oxford (UK) 
    • Goundbreaking scientific work in SPDC and optical scattering processes at Leiden University(NL) 
    • Initiated novel research line on simulation of quantum algorithms using spatial light modulators at University of Buenos Aires (AR)


    • Researcher at University of Oxford (UK) (Clarendon Laboratory) - 2007 
    • Lecturer at Trinity College, University of Oxford (Oxford, UK) - 2008
    • Marie Curie Fellow at Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO, ES) -2011
    • Visiting Scientist and Lecturer at Stuttgart University (Stuttgart, DE)  -2013
    • Senior Research Fellow at Philips Research (High Tech Campus, NL) -2014
    • Senior Researcher at National Research Council (CONICET, AR) - 2015
    • Associate Professor University Paris Saclay (IMT, FR) -2018
    • Chair of OSA Quantum Science and Technology Technical Group (OSA, US) -2019
    • ERA Chair Elect in Quantum Optics and Photonics, Horizon 2020 (EU) -2020


    • Incubic Milton Chang Grant OSA Fondation - May 2020
    • ERA Chair-Elect in Quantum Optics by Horizon 2020 (Position declined) - January 2020
    • Chair of Quantum Technologies Group by OSA (3 year term) - August 2019
    • Guests Editor of Special Issue on Spin Hall Effect in Photonic Materials MDPI - July 2019
    • Associate Professor Univesity Paris Saclay - September 2018 
    • Member of Optical Society of America (OSA) - May 2017
    • Beca estimulo UBA para viajes internacionales - FCEN/UBA - Mayo 2017
    • Permanent Member Editorial Board Nature Scientific Reports - April 2015 
    • Incubic Milton Chang Grant OSA Foundation - April 2014
    • Member of Programa Raices CONICET - January 2014
    • Marie Curie COFUND Fellow ICFO - December 2011
    • ICFONest Fellow ICFO - December 2011
    • Oxford Trinity College Fellow University of Oxford - June 2009
    • PhD Summa Cum Laude Leiden University - May 2007


    Despite persitent barriers towards gender equality in science, G.P. has made outstanding contributions in a wide range of fields, ranging fom optical scattering to quantum simulation, and beyond.