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    Reconfigurable Planar Parallel Manipulator

    Subjects: Robotics
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    Submitted by: GIOVANNI MOTTOLA

    This video shows a 5-degrees-of-freedom (DoFs) planar parallel robot with a reconfigurable end-effector (EE) that has been designed and built for the experimental section of our paper [1]. In the video, the robot is shown performing a number of example motions; the goal is to show both the robot capabilities and the effectiveness of the algorithms (devised in the cited paper) for solving the Direct and Inverse Kinematics Problems, as said algorithms have been implemented in the robot's control system.

    In order, the video is divided in the following parts:

    1. the EE translates along the \( x \) axis while keeping the same configuration (that is, the kinematic chain that defines the EE keeps the same joint angles and the internal DoFs of the EE are not used);
    2. the EE rotates around the \( z \) axis, again with a constant configuration;
    3. the robot moves from one solution of the Inverse Kinematics Problem to another (both solutions correspond to the same EE pose \( \pi \));
    4. the robot moves through a Type-1 singularity configuration (that is, one where there are nonzero joint velocity vectors that correspond to zero EE velocity);
    5. finally, the robot is applied to a grasping task: the EE uses its internal DoFs to reconfigure its shape in order to grab a ball at a first position and move it to a second position. This shows an example application of a fully-parallel robot with a reconfigurable platform such as the one presented here. 

    The entry is from 10.3390/machines9010007


    1. Tommaso Marchi; Giovanni Mottola; Josep M. Porta; Federico Thomas; Marco Carricato; Position and Singularity Analysis of a Class of Planar Parallel Manipulators with a Reconfigurable End-Effector. Machines 2021, 9, 7, 10.3390/machines9010007.
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